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  1. Indiawilds

    Rarely we keep quiet. I know of people who can't live without the noise. So when they are alone, they just keep the TV on. Rarely do we keep quiet and listen to our inner voice.

    Visit a wilderness area, waterfall, stream away from the crowd and hear the sounds of silence.

  2. mysay.in

    sorry .. i will be a little political today going by the phrase and the lovely image – they both suit our govt which is indeed a great listener and never says anything .. let the nation yell on them .. they just listen !!

  3. Julia Chiang

    The doggie is sooo cute and the saying is very true….I've got to start listening. Have a great weekend. I also posted about Quiet.


  4. Naina Madan

    I am by nature someone who can never be quiet. I am always talking or when I am not talking, my mind is working over-time. Sometimes, I wish I could stay quiet. And I have also found that there are times when I can quieten the noises outside but my inner cacophony is too much to be drowned..

  5. sharmila k

    One who talks more gets used to hearing and loving his own voice.There is power in 'quiet'and one who believes in this power,not only hears..he actually 'listens'.