Using the Mind to Look for Reality is Delusion

For all of April, I’m going wordless for the A to Z Challenge.

The title of each post is a phrase/ sentence that inspires me as a
writer, and below is a picture I think best embodies it. In the
comments, I invite you to discuss what the phrase means to you, as a person, a
reader, or whatever other role you might choose for yourself in life.

Using the Mind to Look for Reality is Delusion: Image via Hyperlux

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  1. LinWash

    I also love that image. And I agree with Michael. But I think of movies like Vertigo and others where a character is experiencing a breakdown.

  2. M. J. Joachim

    It is my belief that perspective plays a huge role in our realities. Perspective is influenced by mind, body, soul and divinity, which challenges the notion that our minds create our reality.

  3. klahanie

    Before I spiral out of control, what you say is correct. My mind tried to look for reality in the alphabet challenge and realised it was a delusional thought.

    Be well, Damyanti.

    Your friend,

    Gary 🙂

  4. MOV

    love this photo! I have a similar one I took in Rome.

    just found your blog, and will be back to read more.