Would Your Kids Read The Apple Grove Gang?

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I’m pleased to feature a series of books by Hamilton C. Burger on Amlokiblogs today. Rebecca Forster, a USA Today Best Selling
Author, had this to say about this series for kids: 

“Even though my boys are grown, I found
myself wishing they were young again so they could read NO EXIT (The Apple
Grove Gang). This book is beyond refreshing – 
a great story about kids who still play outside, know people in their
town and  have an adventure that makes a
difference in their lives. Hamilton C. Burger’s obvious delight in his  craft shines through on every page. The kids
in this book have real voices and  real

Book 1: NO EXIT

Benny Churchill and Bug Beetle are off and running on the last day of school. They are ready for a great summer of fun with the Apple Grove Gang. Instead, they learn a lesson in politics. When the Apple Grove Community Center is closed, the Gang finds out just how hard it is to fight city hall. Finally, when their backs are against the wall, and they find out that there is no exit, the real fun and excitement begin.


It’s the dog days of summer and Benny Churchill and Bug Beetle are back and still running! The Apple Grove Gang has caught gold fever, and they find that it’s too hard to bear. When they try locate the cure, things don’t go as expected and not everything pans out. Only an earth shaking experience will lead them to the depths necessary to cure GOLD FEVER.

The Apple Grove Gang’s biggest adventure yet! Faced with a problem of historical proportions, ‘The Gang’ turns back the hands of time, in an effort to solve it. Join Bug, Benny and the others in this fun, action packed adventure, sure to have you turning the pages. 

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  1. Jocelyn Rish

    These sound like books I would have loved when I was that age, but nowadays it seems kids grow up so fast I don't know if they'd still resonate. I hope so though because kids should enjoy being kids.

  2. Susan Flett Swiderski

    These sound like books I would have devoured when I was growing up. (Heck! I might even like them NOW!) My kids are too busy raising their own kids to have much time for leisure reading, but some of the grands might enjoy them. Thanks for the heads up; I'll look into them for the kiddies.