Do You Live a Writer’s Life?

I know I’m always inside one or the other of my stories or my novel. I’m watching and listening to my characters talk to each other, imagining their repartee, their tears, their devastation, their joys, their peccadilloes, their ambitions. I’m wondering ‘What if’ as I watch people, or “What’s their story?”

Writing never leaves me alone.

If you’re a writer, does this happen to you? Do you carry a world inside your head even when you’re away on a vacation?

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  1. thereviewsister

    Oh ok…so I'm not the only crazy one!lol
    I once took a week off from blogging and it felt like forever. And, yes, when I'm not writing, I'm always thinking about writing or daydreaming up a story. I feel like I have "writers mind" because I can never stop thinking, even when I'm in bed trying to get some sleep! Lol

  2. ProfeJMarie (Janet Rundquist)

    Sometimes I forget that not everyone knows my characters.. and that they're not real. 😀 When I am fully engrossed in a project, everything around me reminds me of my characters and how they would act/react in whatever situation I am in.

  3. klahanie

    The creation, the formulation of a story is always around me and within me. I write from observing things that I no longer take for granted. The mind, the heart, the soul, stays illuminated with the passion that is the written word.

    Happy, fulfilling writing to you, dear friend.


  4. Patricia Lynne

    Yup, all the time. Even when I tell myself not to think about writing, I do. The wheels in my head are always turning, crafting that next story.

  5. mooderino

    Definitely. If I'm not thinking about something I'm working on, I'm looking at people as though they're characters in a story (which I suppose they are).

  6. M Pax

    I take my writing everywhere. My husband was off doing his thing Saturday. I sat under a tree with a notebook and pen, doing my thing. 😀

  7. Shilpa Garg

    I am not a writer but a blogger and my mind is always thinking and looking at things from blogging perspective. Every incident / occasion/ moment is checked if it could be blog worthy! 😛

  8. Angela Brown

    Even my daughter notices my daydreaming moments when I'm sitting still in deep thought or observing the world around me in quiet appreciation for the storymaking going on gone. She'll ask me, "Mommy, are you thinking again?" to which I answer, "Yes, sweetie. Mommy's always thinking."

  9. J.L. Campbell

    So true. I keep thinking about the next set of characters I should be writing about, especially when I'm in editing mode on an old novel.

    • Damyanti

      Melissa, that would be wonderful. I have more time to write than most, but sadly most of my writing remains in my head.

  10. shelly

    Most definitely. I love to watch peeps from my rear view mirror while sitting at a traffic light. I never know what I'm going to see. From people fighting, talking with their hands while on their cell phones to the pimple and nose pickers. Everyone has a definite story.

    Hugs and chocolate,

    • Damyanti

      I'm people watching, too, especially on the roads where all those evanescent dramas of human existence tend to take place.