What You Should Know about Killing Jenna Crane

I usually keep away from reading novels about authors, but a romantic thriller involving a writer might just be the light reading that keeps me sane with the huge pile of books I’ve got from my library this week.

The thriller in question is ‘Killing Jenna Crane‘ by Lynette Sofras, and it is the feature this Wednesday.

Elevator Pitch: 

When an egotistical novelist meets his ideal woman, he agrees to kill off his popular heroine.  Alienated by everyone and haunted by painful memories of a previous love, he battles the growing darkness in his soul when a secret is revealed that changes everything he thought he once knew.

Teaser Excerpt:

  “Do you ever find being a fiction writer gets in the way?” Emily asked, glancing up at him in what he considered to be a rather flirtatious manner from under her long, dark lashes which he suspected were the real McCoy.
   “In the way of what?” he prompted.
   “You know – life; relationships and all that.”
   He gave a low chuckle.  “What would make you think such a thing?  Do you imagine the boundaries between fact and fiction get blurred in my mind?”
   A low wall appeared at the edge of the pathway.  It was only the height of a couple of bricks, more a shallow ledge than a wall, possibly aimed at keeping cyclists off the grass.  Emily hopped up onto it and walked along it, pretending it was a tightrope.  Her action was childlike and endearing and he took her flailing hand to help her balance as one might a small child.  The extra fifteen or twenty centimetres made her slightly taller than him and allowed her to look down on him, which seemed a curious juxtaposition considering their relative roles.
   “Yes, I imagine they must.  You writer-types spend most of your day in a world outside of reality.  One you’ve created all the rules for, so it must be hard to function as well in a world in which someone else makes up the rules.”

If you need to take the edge off your day, consider lounging with Killing Jenna Crane, (here’s a longer excerpt) which you can buy on Amazon, both Kindle and Paperback, as well as Smashwords.

Lynette has offered the book for free from today to 7th July for all readers of Amlokiblogs: download a free copy in the format of your choice from Smashwords using the coupon: GG95W
A big thank you to Lynette!

So now you have a ripping new summer read, absolutely free, and I’m sure Lynette would like to know what you think of it. I for one am going to download it and save it to devour over the weekend.

 I encourage you to follow my example.

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  1. Damyanti

    Thanks Cathy, for downloading it– I'm sure Lynette would appreciate your thoughts once you've read it.

    Angela and C.Lee, today's the last day the book is available for free so go grab yourself a copy 🙂

  2. Cathy Tittle

    Sounds like the perfect read for those long summer evenings relaxing on the deck listening to the crickets and frogs. I downloaded it and look forward to dragging my iPad to the lounge with me. 🙂

  3. ManicScribbler

    Hi David, Kelley, Diane, Rachna, Alex, Susan and M Pax – I'm thrilled that you're all interested in the story and hope you'll avail yourselves of the free download. I hope you enjoy it and will look forward to hearing your views.
    Thanks so much to all of you.

  4. ManicScribbler

    Firstly, Damyanti – thank you so much for featuring my book on your lovely blog today.

    To Shelly – I'm really sorry to hear that. If you have no luck, get in touch with me via my website link and I'll see what I can do.