Peeping Toe and #Writemotivation Roundup

One of my stories, Peeping Toe, ( published before, and read out,) has been included on the Birkbeck Writer’s Hub, which is associated with the Birkbeck Writing program in the UK. Give it a like or a comment if the story appeals to you :).
Now for  #Writemotivation : Author friend and blog + twitter pal K T Hanna runs a twitter hashtag for writers, the #writemotivation , where writers sign up and cheer each other on to their respective goals.

The Rules:

  1. Make a list of realistic goals for the month – and achieve them.
  2. Make
    a Blog Post every week (preferably Monday, but if you don’t post on
    Mondays just add it to the next day you would normally post ).
    This is to help us keep tabs on our own progress, and for others to
    cheer us on if it’s a difficult week. Please link to the post in the
    #writemotivation hashtag
  3. Visit your #writemotivation teammates’ blogs, and participate in the #writemotivation hashtag on twitter to cheer people on.
So here are my goals:
1. Four Blog Posts a Week, two on each blog
2. 5000 words a week on the second draft of my #WIP
I did okay at the first one, posting at least thrice last week, which isn’t half-bad, given my general inconsistency. I haven’t been so good with visiting or commenting though, and I intend to change that this week.
For the second goal, I typed up about 4000 words. Though in general I know where the story is going, the characters aren’t making it easy for me. They are coming up with all kinds of whims and fancies, and acting up a fair bit. 
I’m falling behind, and this could mean I wouldn’t finish this draft by December. SIGH. 
Did you have any writing goals today, this week, this month? How did you match up?

I love comments, and I always visit back. Blogging is all about being a part of a community, and communities are about communication! Tweet me up @damyantig !

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