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Today’s Wednesday feature book is Gateway: Pioche, a Science Fiction/Thriller by Jeff Dawson and Larry Welch
This book combines unsolved conspiracies of the past, using a modern day setting:
JFK’s assassination, 1969 moon landing and Judas’ short life after
betraying Jesus. These events and more are tied to the
Third Reich and the possible overthrow of the US government from and
underground Fourth Reich. The latter is covered in detail in book two:
Destination DC
Hooked? Here’s more…


Gateway Pioche Jeff Dawson Larry Welch

 Elevator pitch: Prepare for the most unconventional time travel saga to date.

Teaser Excerpt:  

“I don’t know, boss. They could have turned off anywhere. I can
call some people in Salt Lake and Wendover to keep an eye out, but other
than that, we could spend the next two days driving up and down these
roads looking for them.”

Nathan pulled out a cigar, clipped the end and lit it up. “I think
you’re right, Lonzo, I think you’re right.” 

He drew in a deep draw from
it. “Lonzo, if you wanted to hide something and didn’t want it found for
say six months or a few years, what would you suggest?”

“About a mile back there’s a road that goes east for about two
miles and dead-ends. The four-wheelers and bikers usually don’t go out
there. They prefer doing their thing about a mile off the road.”
Nathan thought about it for a few minutes as he pulled out his Desert Eagle.

“I warned you, Louie.” The gunshot was soaked up in the desert sands.

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    • Jeff

      Hello Nikhil, Many thanks for the compliment. The idea came from Larry. He'd been playing with it for over two years. He was extremely excited when he read the final draft. He couldn't believe he baby was a reality.

  1. P V Ariel

    Hi Damyanti,
    Good to be here again,
    Thanks for dropping in
    at my g+ page.
    A good review on Jeff's
    Gateway: Pioche, Looks
    like a wonderful read
    Congrats Jeff,
    Keep Going
    Best Regards
    Philip Ariel

  2. Jeff

    Thank you Alex. The hardest part was finding the appropriate soundtrack. Next time, I'll try and time the music a little better. It was fun to produce.

  3. Jeff

    I'm absolutely floored with all the great comments. It's nice to see such positive feedback. If you're interested in another tease, check out the youtube trailer. There is one mistake on the video, JFK's assassination. Hit the save button too soon. Ugh. It was fun to produce. Before I leave for afternoon errands, I want to thank Damyanti for the wonderful spotlight. Talk to you all later. Have a great day.

  4. Mark Koopmans

    Wow… what an interesting concept… and I am a bit of a conspiracy mini-nut 🙂

    PS… I love your description on the Blog Header… that's awesome…. and wishing you all the best in your continued journey 🙂

    • Jeff

      Integrating the was a challenge at times. But once the characters unveiled the plot, we were off to the races!

    • Jeff

      Donna, it was awesome trying to figure out the science for the time machine. It all started with the Superconducting Super Collider in Waxahachie, Texas. Now, that was cool!

  5. M Pax

    Oh, that sounds fun. When I saw the title, I though it was Frederick Pohl's novel. I'll have to add it to my list.