Want to Meet a Writer Who Re-enacts Fantasy?

Today’s Wednesday feature book is

The Cost of Haven: Book 1 of the series The Great Cities, an epic fantasy/young adult novel by F.F.McCulligan.

He loves re-enacting, which means he fights in a martial sport in which participants don heavy armor and helmets and hit each other with sticks. The fighting is full speed and full force– without the armor, you would find yourself rapidly concussed and badly bruised. (Here’s a video that shows you the sport!) So when it comes to writing fantasy, this author is more experienced when it comes to medieval combat.f this intrigues you, read on to know more about the book!

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    • F.F. McCulligan

      It definitely doesn't seem to be for everyone, but I think that no matter what kind of writing you do, there is some real benefit to living it on some level. Be it through recreation, work or research. Herman Melville went out on a whaling ship before writing moby dick! what I do is nothing so in depth as that.

    • F.F. McCulligan

      I know what you mean! I love the outdoors though, so it works in reverse for me as well. A hot shower and warm bed makes me grateful for a bright fire and stars overhead with a silent night's sleep ahead. I have spent over 500 nights camping for work and pleasure in my life and I hope to rack up more soon.


    • F.F. McCulligan

      I bet you could write some killer fiction about the civil war as a result… ever done it? I had a friend who was into the civil war reenacting and it seemed like a pretty fun subculture to explore, though not a time period I much care to relive.

  1. F.F. McCulligan

    Damyanti, thanks for hosting my book on your blog, I've got the best numbers I've seen so far on amazon in terms of sales rank on the kindle for The Cost of Haven. I did not expect that!

    FF McCulligan

    • Damyanti

      You're very welcome. All I ask in return is you help other authors 🙂 — we all need to band together to promote our books to our readers!

  2. Donna Hole

    I do love epic fantasy. If I ever participated in the re-enacting I'd probably be the dumpy tavern wench that smiles too much and makes lousy mutton stew 🙂


    • F.F. McCulligan

      I am glad the genre interests you, Donna. I hope you check out my work at some point. I don't really think anyone can smile too much by the way, but mutton stew is a sacred art form, dishonoring it is something we may need to discuss…

      The re-enacting world that I play in is called the Society for Creative Anachronism. It is a non-profit, educational organization that strives to bring back the best parts of the middle ages. The SCA is not only swords and helmets, we also do arts, sciences, crafts, calligraphy, music, dance, camping, period cooking, drinking…

      Its kind of like a renaissance faire except everyone is in on the action in whatever way they want to be, and no one is trying to charge you 20 bucks for a beer.

      So "wenches" are welcome, no matter the quality of their stew, the SCA is there to teach you how to make the stew better!

      FF McCulligan

    • F.F. McCulligan

      Thank you Alex! The writing and the fighting work nicely together. But it isn't just walking out onto the battlefield that takes time and dedication, but also preparing the weapons and armor, repairing them when they break, helping others to do the same, practicing the moves and more… I don't necessarily fight because I write, but they are both passions of mine. Thanks for chiming in.
      FF McCulligan