#amwriting : Have you ever completely re-written a #book?

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The last two weeks have been a journey of introspection as far as my WIP is concerned. I binned 95,000 words of first draft this year, which gave me a good sense of my character and themes. Now, I’ve taken out major chunks of the plot, to give my story room to breathe. I had about 40, 000 words of second draft, of which I’ll possibly end up binning about 30,000.

If someone had asked me two years back how I would feel about such major cuts and changes, I would have said, “upset and lost.”

Today, I feel a little lost, but mostly “relieved and charged up.” I’m raring to go make the changes, and hope to get a lot done in the next two weeks.

How about you? Have you ever set aside all your previous work on a book, and begun again on clean slate?

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