What would You say in Your letter to 2014?

Roosting Pigeons at Jaleb Chowk Parking Area, Jaipur, India

Dear 2014,

I want you to be a better year than 2013. 

In return, I promise I’ll be a better me.


Now that that is out of the way, I’ll move on to why I was missing for the last few weeks.

I was either preparing for, going on, or recovering from a trip to Rajasthan, India.

The Famous Bungalows (Havelis) of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India.

I’ll download as many pics as I can in the month of Jan and share some visuals and words with you. (I’m working at getting better with my camera.)

In the meanwhile, thanks for all the comments, folks, and thanks for being with me in the chiaroscuro of my blogging and writing journey.

Wish you all a 2014 filled with laughter, peace and hope.

What would You say in Your letter to 2014?

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  1. bethteliho

    I would say, "This is our year. Hang onto your ass, it's gonna get crazy."

    I also have goals to balance my blog/writing/family better.

    Gorgeous photos. Looking forward to learning more about you and your writing.

  2. ...shabab KHAN

    Yeah 2014, inspite of getting in fight with my wife between 00:00 of your Jan 01st, and losing it again. I will try my best to take the prides of husbands back in spotlight.
    Well jokes aparts, i will love and guide Grazie (my one & only daughter) much more than i gave last year. And, i will manage some more time by cutting a business tour to spend that time with my wife (not to fight).
    And, as an export and an Indian I promise i will gain more foreign revenue for nation to beat the world in future.

  3. Guilie Castillo

    "Dear 2014, I bring to you enthusiasm. I promise it will be unwavering."

    Very cool photos, Damyanti! You're becoming quite the photographer! Congratulations, and may 2014 bring you all sorts of unexpected joys. Thank you for (going on) two years of blog-friendship!

  4. dydywriter

    I would say, "I hope you will be the year when I achieve all my writing dreams and aspirations."
    Wishing a happy and successful 2014 to all. 🙂