If you could give just One #blogging tip, what would it be?

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Blogging, and the best ways to blog, has been on my mind lately. I have spoken before on this blog about making bloggy friends, and commenting on blogs, and signing up for support groups.

But I’m tired of my own voice, a little exhausted and don’t feel at the top of my game.

I haven’t been visiting back regularly, and that’s something I plan to change in the next few weeks before the A to Z challenge begins. (Sign up, if you haven’t yet! Want to know more? If you’re on twitter, drop by for the #AZchat where we discuss why A to Z Challenge is good for bloggers, and how to reap the most benefits! Pam Margolis will be hosting the 1PM EDT chat, and #teamdamyanti will be hosting the one at 8PM EDT. )

So, I’m opening the forum to my visitors and blog friends: If you could give just One #blogging tip to a new blogger, what would it be?

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  1. pnwauthor

    Write what your passionate about not just what’s trending. I enjoy reading blogs with authentic voices and out-of-the-box perspectives.

    I also prefer reading blogs without profanity or dark stuff since I feel offended by that, as if the dark stuff is invading my space. So I would advise against using provocative language and finding more peaceful ways to express feelings. Think of the reader as a family member or housemate who you would like to have peaceful relationship. Write in a conversational style that invites others in. People feel lonely and isolated these days so if they can find a warm place on the internet, this is healing for them.

  2. JL0073

    I’m new to the whole blogging thing but I think the best advice I could give is just do whatever works for you because you want to do it and for no other reason. Don’t worry about readers, followers, etc. Just make it about you and what interests you. It’s your own personal space to create all the things you yourself would have wanted to come across in a blog but haven’t. Anyway, that’s just my own 2 cents.

  3. desperateramblings

    I am now on Day 10 of my March Madness Challenge to make one of my daily posts titled as such and going through the letters of the alphabet with a result equalling positivity. I am getting quite a few likes and comments so it seems to be going very well considering my own positivity is flailing today tbh. Anyhow, I intend to complete my challenge no matter what.

  4. bbgh2424

    These are thought-provoking tips….purpose achieved! I am inspired to re-think the subject matters of my blog. Thanks everyone!

  5. georgielizabeth

    If you are going to blog about controversial issues (e.g, I’m a therapist in therapy), make it anonymous so you don’t get stigmatised ๐Ÿ™

  6. Mindy Ogg

    Hello and thanks for the section for newbies! I am quite green and need the advice you and others are providing here. So far I try to vary what I post. I have many interests. Thanks again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. whichwaynow101

    Hi there!
    Thanks for following. Iโ€™m a happy camper now you are joining me as I trip around by RV, plane, car and time machine to the past.
    Comments, compliments, critiques and wisecracks are most welcome.
    You have a great blog. โ€œSeeโ€ you again soon.
    Which Way Now 101 aka Carol

  8. petebauerblog

    It’s been said before, but your voice should be as unique on your blog as it is in person. We are drawn to the individuality of people. Our blogs should reflect the large number of variables that make you you.

  9. intlxpatr

    Write because you were born to write and “cannot other.” If you don’t feel like writing, if you are facing a big zero, then don’t write. When it comes, it will flow. Don’t set up rules for yourself that discourage you, just write.

  10. Tracesofthesoul

    Write…write…write some more. Start slow with following and be real. Be respectful. don’t follow too quickly everyone who follows you just “because” you think it is protocol…in hindsight it can be misinterpreted as only trying to get more followers. There are so many wonderfully genuine and kind people in this community. I feel so privileged being part of this WP neighbourhood. I learn from by reading amazing, creative writers…never thought I could write poetry (since my teens) and I love it now. Key: Enjoy yourself and be real.

  11. Jo

    Just write!
    If it’s a personal blog, be yourself and have fun. Don’t be put off by other blogs that seem different or better.
    If it’s a company/product blog, communicate intelligently ie target creatively.

  12. Jerry B.

    Great comments here…going to share this on Facebook and LinkedIn this week. I blog professionally for clients and besides getting to know the client, I say write as if you are talking to someone personally. Make it human, in other words! That’s my style and I look for clients who appreciate that approach.

  13. cindamackinnon

    Consider having a theme and writing succinctly. Quite a few bloggers ramble on about whatever trivia is in their head at the moment. If you don’t have anything interesting to say then don’t write for the sake of producing a post; or at least keep the length in check!

    • Renate Flynn

      JohnRH, I was just thinking about this very thing today. I am finishing reading The Goldfinch which is quite a long book, but as I pondered it, I realized that every word needed to be there. If the author had left out just one, it would not have been as an effective read. You validate what I was thinking. As a few professors have told me in my life, “Be complete.”

  14. Pieces of 8

    Post regularly so your readers know where and when to find you. Follow all the good ideas set out above. Above all, ignore everyone else’s blogging advice now and again and do something just for you!

  15. Rich Allan

    Write something every day to get in the habit…and if something you read strikes a chord and you react to it…write down your feelings while they are fresh. I write comedy, which is best when you are complaining or attacking a subject and throw in a surprise twist at the end, like “Like most kids in a small town I met, dated, and married my high school sweetheart–my English teacher.” Rich Allan is the author of the comedy/adventure novel, “Drafted,” available at amazon.com.

  16. dweezer19

    Ok. I am waaay down here because I get weekly notifications so sorry for arriving late. :). It would be difficult to give one tip with the understanding that each person blogging has their own reasons for coming into this realm. I think the one thing that is universal is to know what you want from the experience and to realize that it will likely be an evolutionary process. Look around and keep an open mind. And don’t be afraid to reach out to ask for, and accept, help from others. We are all in this together.

  17. Michellee

    I’m exactly a new blogger! Are looking around for some advance!
    So far I have no focused content for my blog, just a daily writing to warm up my brain for a working day (ignore the fact that I write in my working time..). Thanks guys for sharing your ideas!

  18. Christopher Peter

    Well I don’t have any wisdom to add, as I’ve only been blogging for a few months, but I’m thankful for all the useful thoughts and tips contributed by others here.

  19. Don Royster

    I agree with everybody’s comments here, especially about quality content and responding to comments. Instead of one tip, I have two. Be consistent with your post schedule. And let your reader know when you are posting. Post once or twice a week at the same time. WordPress will let you schedule your blogs ahead of time. So if you get an idea for an Easter post in January, you can write it, then schedule it and it will appear when appropriate.

    The second tip is this. The About page is extremely important. After I read a post I like, I check out the About page. The About page is the Mission Statement for the blog. This not only informs the reader what the blog is about, but also keeps the blogger on track. A couple of examples: Once upon a time I went to a blog and started reading some of the posts. It looked like a novel in progress. But when I checked out the About page, all it said was that the writer was married and had two kids. Nothing about the blog.

    My About page keeps me on track as far as what I want to post on the blog. There have been a couple of times I wrote a post that was ranting about something or other. Then I realized that I had stated on my About page that my blog would not contain ranting and raving. So I nixed both, knowing they were not what my readers would expect from me. Having an About page sure keeps me on track.

  20. Pradipna Lodh

    Blog as frequently as possible, but at the same time do not write about dumb things. Few people have this habit of writing what did they do the whole day, their outing with a friend etc. Write something appealing which will bring your readers back to your blog again and again.

    • glasgowdragonfly

      Totally agree with this. It’s so obvious when people are really scraping the bottom of the barrel for post subjects. They should just chill out sometimes as it’s all about quality not quantity. I’m new to blogging (6 months) and I enjoy the creative vent writing provides me with. I feel that I see a lot more life out there now that I consciously think if there is a blog angle for me. Also: starting to realise that my voice is a lot more feisty than I had thought! No bad thing I guess? X

  21. nibirdeka

    Everybody loves a bit of appreciation when they write a piece, But when blogging or even writing for a small magazine never approach it as a way of earning popularity or fame. The thing is to write well and the blogging part comes later. The second thing is writing anything you want which I feel is very important even if it doesn’t make any sense.

  22. nikeyo

    Honesty, and don’t try so hard. Basically, what everyone else has been saying: just be you.

    When I see a new follower to my blog, and I go to their page and see countless tags, disingenuous content, or just an obvious effort to “look at me!” I don’t bother to leave the courteous like. It’s a huge turn off. I also do not appreciate people following or liking my blog for no other reason than to get traffic to their own blog, when we obviously don’t have anything in common (ex. I write about philosophy, you’re a photography blog).

    With that being said, saw your follow/like on my blog and that is what brought me here. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you, and the above does not apply to you, obviously, seeing as I wrote a comment. Ha!

  23. Tate Simba

    I would say don’t be so closed minded about what you write about on your posts. Writing is a form of expression and a blog allows you to do that with a larger audience. If you think about something that you believe is interesting, then don’t be hesitant to blog about it; someone else somewhere in the world could be thinking the exact same thing.

  24. mysonnydays

    I suppose as bloggers we are in an online world that is very saturated, so many voices, so much to say! I think it’s important to not get too involved with views and stats (although it’s hard not to check it daily!) it’s not about who shouts the loudest. It is about who writes the strongest content.

  25. Aditi

    What great pointers! I think it’s imp to write from your heart, be regular and network. Looking forward to the A to Z challenge as I am very lousy at posting regularly and this will help in building the habit. My first time in the challenge – super excited! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. robertlampros

    Write what you personally would most want to read—I’m pretty sure J.D. Salinger said that, and he was a successful blogger. Also, I would add that we need to treat our readers with the utmost respect, as if we’re writing to God Himself. J.D. Salinger said that too, at the end of F + Z, but only after Jesus did first. Peace out.

  27. Julia Lund

    As a baby-blogger (three months old), I am drinking in all this advice. I can feel myself growing as I guzzle … Off to check my gravatar link now; several I have checked on this discussion don’t link back to blogs I feel sure I would be interested in reading.

  28. W E Patterson

    Proofread, proofread, proofread. I print out my blog posts and edit them before I post. I try to eliminate the typos and grammatical mistakes that usually infect my first draft posts.

    • Michellee

      I like the way you respect your writings. Indeed every time I recheck my draft, I find something to improve. Double checking cannot lead to as perfect results as triple checking, and so on…!

  29. Silvia Writes

    Content, content, content. And keep it somewhat short — long enough to make a good point, yet now overly so. We get it. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I’m definitely attracted to blogs that share an experience, tell a personal story, teach me something.

  30. vanyieck

    Always keep hydrated. (This advice also applies to bricklaying and preparing a three bean casserole.)

  31. AuthorJoePerroneJr

    As my late father used to say, “Make haste slowly.” Don’t overdo it. When I first began to blog, the prospect of having to come up with something on a daily basis was daunting. Then, it occurred to me that I didn’t have to. So, I set a more realistic goal of once per week, and I haven’t had any difficulty achieving that aim. Also, no religion and no politics!

  32. MiaMusings

    Write, write…as much as you like and as often as you can. Be creative, be imaginative, but most importantly – be honest and don’t plagiarise!

  33. parichitasingh

    Thanks a lot, Damyanti, for your post, and to all those who commented. Being new to blogging, I really am not sure yet about what works and what doesn’t but these tips are quite interesting and enlightening.

  34. suesconsideredtrifles

    We can choose whether to approve comments and pingbacks and how to reply to them. It is possible to make rules, just as we would in a face-to-face situation. There is even the possibility of editing comments, although it should be made clear that this has been done. (I once removed a link I did not like.) Sue

  35. davidprosser

    Be polite not aggressive if people disagree with you in comments and try to avoid or at least keep to a minimum, bad language if you want followers across a broad age spectrum.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  36. susanddhavle

    Your confidence is inspiring….I keep wondering about my blog but feel I must labour on and have some joy in what I started…I get some likes and comments but want MORE!!!!!

    • Damyanti

      I had no visitors and comments, (well, hardly any) for about 2 years, before they started trickling in. I’m still not a big league blogger after 6 years, but am just as happy as I was when I began.

      Find out what you’re blogging for, and go for it ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Archana

    Great question, Damyanti! I’m new to blogging, and the comments are both guiding and encouraging. My two cents: write something you would want to read. If it feels onerous and inauthentic, it probably is, and shouldn’t be given out to the world.

    • Damyanti

      “If it feels onerous and inauthentic, it probably is, and shouldnโ€™t be given out to the world.”

      Sterling advice for writing of any sort whatsoever.

  38. Tienny

    I’m still learning so not sure. Normally, I blog what inspires me and how my clients’ concept inspires me


    • Damyanti

      An important, but hard to follow advice. I’ve done it for years, and sometimes the lure of writing something for others was so very strong.

  39. lightravellerkate

    I’m pretty new to blogging and what I find fascinating is the response from so many interesting people living very rich lives. Blogging has put me in touch with this great global community. I like to think I’m writing from my heart and that I’m being authentic and that is what I love about my fellow bloggers.

    • Damyanti

      I like to think Iโ€™m writing from my heart and that Iโ€™m being authentic and that is what I love about my fellow bloggers.

      Yes, THAT.

  40. writingtutortips

    This is a great idea! I’m fairly new at blogging so I don’t have any great advice to share, but I really enjoyed reading what everyone else has to say ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Leigh W. Smith

    I love this discussion, Damyanti! Well, I am a new blogger (new to WordPress, anyway). Nonetheless, I would say, from my perspective, the key is persistence. Stated differently, consistency. I obviously haven’t solved the giant cosmic blogging puzzle, but my feeling is that the more (often) you write, the better able you are to connect with a reader or readers and, thus, move forward in the blogosphere. I agree with what others have said about reading other blogs, authenticity, and trustworthiness as well.

  42. Alle C. Hall

    A combination of Facebook and blogging is raising my profile tremendously. When I put up a blog post, I post the link on my FB time-line, then go to every one of my FB groups that I think might like it, and post a short note with the link. Ba-boom, go the hits. And my number of blog followers or Facebook friends increases for several days after.

    It does take time. But I put a lot of time into my blog, and I want people to read and respond to my work.

    Good luck to all with their blogging. It can be a slog. I hoe you all enjoy at least 85% of the time you put into it.

    • Damyanti

      Blogging does take a lot of time and effort. I’m glad you’re enjoying yours. I’m sometimes happy with my efforts, and at others, like now, not so much.

  43. J.Gi Federizo

    Be trustworthy.

    That means you write from the heart, write what you believe in, write what you believe is true, no matter how short it is about or how most people will probably find it irrelevant. It may not be relevant to others but it is at least relevant to one, that is you. Because if it isn’t, where is the joy in writing then?

    • J.Gi Federizo

      I’ve just read the comments and it made me smile. i found similar replies like being genuine and honest, or write something one believes in, etcetera. I used “trustworthy” because I think if you can’t be genuine and honest, then people will eventually see through you and lose their trust. And even if you’re the only one who can appreciate what you’ve written, make sure that when you face the mirror, you can look yourself in the eye and know that you kept true all along.

      • Damyanti

        Yes. I believe in genuineness as well. I try to put my heart out there in each of my posts– and when what I’m feeling is something I don’t feel comfortable about sharing, I don’t blog. But all the words on my blog are keenly felt, for sure.

        • J.Gi Federizo

          THUMBS UP!!! Why write something you’re not interested in anyway? Unless it’s for work, just don’t waste energy on it, especially if it’s for your personal blog. Chances are the visitors are just there because of certain keywords they’re searching for but they’ll leave soon as they see what it’s about and that it’s not really what they’re looking for. They won’t care how much time you’ve spent writing it. So at least write something interesting for at least one person you know will appreciate it, yourself. Somehow, one or two will appreciate it, too, and find it useful in the future. Take comfort in that.

          Also, spammers will get there through keywords. They mostly will just post unrelated and fake comments (I love the way WordPress catches them, so spot-on!).

          A lot of famous writers became known post-humously, because a lot of what they wrote before were unappreciated or snubbed. The world was probably not ready for them yet.So it doesn’t mean that just because (you assume) no one reads your posts, it’s not going to be relevant ever. So just write something that matters to you, write honestly, and don’t stress yourself out. Just enjoy!

  44. Josh

    I think the most important thing I learned was just to find your voice and start writing. There aren’t very many original things in the world with around 7 billion pairs of eyes, but there is always your own, unique perspective that constantly keeps things interesting.

    So your voice might, in the end, be more interesting than what you’re writing about. Your humor, your knowledge, your experience…that’s what matters.

  45. Rae

    Yes, thank you so much for this – I am really trying to teach myself how to navigate the world of blogging. It is both overwhelming and thrilling and simple tips help so much. I am curious and unfamiliar with this A to Z challenge. Can anyone participate? Is Twitter the way to find out more? Thanks!

  46. Dixie Minor

    Thank you for this topic! I appreciate everyone’s suggestions so much! I am still fairly new to blogging and really got a lot out of these comments.

    • Damyanti

      Dixie, I’ve been running this blog for 6 years and am still learning. The comments on this post do indeed give some fairly spot-on advice ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. johnrknotts

    Proofread before you post…I hate it when autocorrect on my iPad changes something in my title! That’s auto posted to the world!

    • Damyanti

      Being a former editor and proofreader, I’m probably a grammar snob, but bad spelling and typos turn me off. I make the occasional bloopers, and feel quite embarrassed when I spot them later.

      • johnrknotts

        The minor stuff happens and it is blogging after all–as said earlier, it’s not going to get you laid. However, some of the crap I’ve read is embarrassing!

        • Damyanti

          Yes, I get pretty easily embarrassed by my goofups, so I try not to make a lot of them. But I’m human, and mistakes do happen– I’m grateful to those who write me a private word to point it out!

          • johnrknotts

            By the way, replying to comments people make on your blog is also an awesome blogging tip! People who never reply to people comments are like blogging vampires.

  48. pvariel

    Visit fellow writer’s page and post constructive comments and also attend or reply back to the comments you receive. And Of course Read Read & Read should go along with it ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Zienna Lorren

    At times it is scary to pour your heart out through your blogs, but I believe the truth will prevail. So might as well be honest to yourself as well as to your reader.

  50. crivasldnont

    Being fairly new to blogging, this question came up in a timely manner. I agree with your post. It is about community and building a relationship with fellow bloggers. The quality will bring the visitors, but I will go with blogging relationships first. Will try to make it to the chat. There’s a lot for me to learn. Will check your posts regularly.

      • crivasldnont

        I read somewhere that content is king and engagement is queen. And you are right, there should be a balance for both. I appreciate this post and everyone’s comments. Very helpful indeed!

  51. Dan Antion

    I thought I entered this earlier but I don’t see it. Don’t underestimate the value of your idea. If it’s interesting to you, it will interest others.

  52. Sue Fagalde Lick

    As someone else said, don’t just blog about random subjects. Make your blog be about something specific, and make sure it’s something you are passionate and knowledgeable enough about to keep coming up with new posts. Also, don’t start a blog and then disappear. Keep it up.

    • Damyanti

      writing in a niche helps– though I do stray sometimes. And this is my sixth year, so I guess I just kept on swimming. ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. coldhandboyack

    Lots of people beat me here, but I have one that many don’t think of. Make sure your Gravitar has a few words about your blog, and includes a link. It’s one way readers find sites to follow.

  54. simplyvegetarian777

    Interact, Appreciate and Stay Honest to the work!
    We keep evolving as a blogger and the idea behind and the path keeps changing.
    Be respectful of other bloggers’ choices.

  55. elizaww

    I would say find your niche. Don’t just blog about random anything just for the sake of blogging, unless you can find a way to structure that effectively. I have seen that done well, but I’ve seen it done so haphazardly that it’s hard to enjoy the blog, because the topics discussed and opinions expressed are all over the shop.

    If you are going to blog about different things either a) have multiple blogs. Or b) choose a theme that clearly delineates the differing content.

    Or you risk alienating readers who don’t relate to everything you have to say, but do relate to some things.

    • Damyanti

      True, absolutely. My blog here is mostly about writing. Though I occasionally blog about my travels or pets or blogging itself– I always relate it back to writing.

  56. worldruler007

    This is my own quote, and it helps me: โ€œWhenever you get stuck in your writing, remember why you started writing, not why youโ€™re doing it, right nowโ€.

    I’m not a blogging expert. In fact, I started a couple of months ago. But, I will say this, read what other people have to say, support them, make blogger friends, and share your passions and your mishaps.

  57. novelwriter2013

    This opinion is from the other side of the fence, more from a blog follower than a blogger. I have found that the blogs I enjoy the most are the ones where the blogger consistently responds to commenters. I have unfollowed several blogs just because I would comment regularly and the blogger NEVER replied to any comments. I find this rather snobbish, rude and off-putting. So, if you want to get a good following on your blog and build relationships with readers, I would suggest treating comments with respect and trying your best to respond to them, even if it’s just to say “thanks for stopping by”. I don’t get many comments on my blog, and sometimes this has bothered me, but I appreciate the bloggers that I follow on a regular basis and how they respond to all their followers’ comments.

    • Damyanti

      I do try and respond to all comments– but sometimes ill health or life comes in the way. For example, I didn’t reply to all comments on my last post. I do, however, make it a point to visit everyone back, even if it is a week or two weeks later.

    • Leigh W. Smith

      Novelwriter2013: Hello. I’m a bit new to WordPress, so perhaps this is a dumb question–I’m not seeing your blog URL listed via gravatar and I’d like to follow it. If you see this or receive notification of a comment . . . could you indicate your blog URL, please? Thanks!

    • Julia Lund

      Hi novelwriter2013. I just tried to link to your blog via your gravatar, but failed. I tried to google novelwriter2013 but the search didn’t lead me to your blog. I’m guessing from your name that we might share something in common. Perhaps you could visit me to get in touch? (I’ve checked;there’s a link from my gravatar to my blog).

  58. nickwallen

    Find a friend or network to motivate you to keep blogging. Nothing like a bit of support to remind you to keep blogging and passionate.

  59. axiomatika

    i don’t have the same blogging energy as i did a few years ago. i feel like i’m just kinda hanging around.

    i’ve always said never be afraid to be yourself, express your true self, that is. my best blogs had been some silly ones i first thought people would hate or mock (maybe they did but it seemed everyone had fun)

    can’t be anyone else. i think that’s pretty much everyone’s sentiment

    oh and don’t be afraid to experiment

  60. disperser

    Blog for yourself.

    Bonus answers:
    Be patient with subscribing to other blogs. Assuming you will blog for a long while; subscribe judiciously, and only after you are absolutely sure you will want to regularly read and participate in someone else’s blog.

    Don’t subscribe/like/comment just to drive traffic to your blog. That’s disrespectful.

  61. cardamone5

    Thank you for this question, although my response just echoes what you already said so well: get to know other blogs and comment. You’d be amazed at the responses you get, not just from the original blogger, but from other readers. And, obviously, getting more followers is great, but its more about the connections you form through this endeavor that make blogging so worth it.

    I, too, have been relatively inactive on my blog, preparing for the A-Z Challenge. I’m a little self-conscious about my theme, as it is pretty personal, but the more posts I write, the greater my confidence becomes. I am excited, and thankful to take part in this event. Thanks for your hard work on this.

    Best regards,

  62. Rebecca Bold

    Blogging can be lonely just like being a writer, the whole point of it is to be heard and seen; reality is that, this doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and nurturing. As a result, my blogging tip would be to ‘do it for yourself as a passion’ that will carry you through the tough times. With the goal in mind, just do it!

  63. echoesofthepen

    I think I would agree with Shoreacres on this – not to worry about relatively few followers or pages views and likes in the early days, but to just concentrate on writing good posts. And to read and comment on the posts you like as well.

    • Damyanti

      Quality writing and quality comments will make for win in the long run. Spot on, Paul, and Shoeacres is a great blogger– we should all listen to her ๐Ÿ™‚

    • J.Gi Federizo

      Correct. Because if you write good and unique articles/posts, Google gives you added points. Who knows? You just might find yourself as one of the first ten results at the first page when a person does a keyword search. People generally check out just the first results when they do a search (and ignore the next ones) and that’s how you can get more of your page views. So start with writing properly. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Shery Alexander Heinis

      Hello echoes of the pen – “Just concentrate on writing good posts” Thanks for this tip. It’s very useful for me since I’ve been blogging for about 4 months and wonder how in the world I can attract interested readers. Am I doing it right, or am I doing it wrong? Do I have to change my wirting style and content, etc. etc.

    • Damyanti

      Blogging, like any other community is about mutual respect and generosity. And I’ve found bloggers to be a very generous lot, indeed!

  64. SJ O'Hart

    Your blog topic/s should be something you’re passionate about, and you should always strive to write genuinely and honestly.

  65. mysonnydays

    Write about something you believe in, or are passionate about. That way it won’t feel like a chore, and your readers will feel that!

    • J.Gi Federizo

      Yup. Content is king. If you don’t have good content or the reader does not find anything he can relate to or he believe in, or that resonates or is new and interesting to him, you’ll just get the page views, but not the likes, followers and subscribers. They most probably will hit the BACK button almost as soon as they land on your page.

    • geogee

      Write, Write, and Write someone! Don’t be afraid to venture into new topic territory. Diversification expands the blog’s appeal to people who may not otherwise would stop by for a read.

      • Damyanti

        It is a tough balance between diversification and niche blogging– but as long as you stay true to your own voices, chances are you will get your readers.