What is your #AtoZchallenge Theme? Here’s mine!

Today is a big day for me on the journey for  A to Z Challenge. (If you’re a blogger, and haven’t heard of it, here are ten solid reasons to join this mega blogging challenge!)

One of the easiest ways for blogging 26 days in April is following a theme (and ‘random’ is acceptable as a theme, lol).

This year we have a big party centered around just this aspect of the challenge: the A to Z challenge theme

For those of us who have a theme, the ladies of #TeamDamyanti, Anna Tan, Csenge Zalka, Guilie Castillo Oriard, Samantha Geary Jones, and Vidya Sury *with technical support from Jemima Pett & Mary Wallace are hosting the A to Z Theme Reveal Blogfest (following the unofficial tradition Mina Lobo started last year for the A to Z Challenge.)

I’m thrilled to be part of this, and without further ado, here’s my theme for this year’s challenge:

This blog started as a place to share writing advice, and that’s what I’ll be doing throughout April: Writing advice from the best in the business…quotes from some of the sharpest minds in the world of fiction, following the alphabet.

Come, join me in my A to Z Journey of Fiction writing tips in the month of April! I’m off to check out others who’re revealing their themes today– I might be a little late because I’m not very well, but better late than never, right?

And if you’re still sitting on the fence about the A to Z Challenge, I can tell you that in the last 3 years since 2011, I’ve not regretted either taking part, or co-hosting it.
Are you doing the A to Z Challenge? Do you have a theme? Are you taking part in the Theme Reveal blogfest

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  1. Madhu

    Hello..I found your blog through the A-Z challenge. As an aspiring writer, loved your theme and will be stopping by to read all April!

  2. Lexa Cain

    What an awesome theme! I'm worried I won't be able to hit many friends' blogs during the hop, but I'll make sure I come back to every single one of your posts when it's over. There's never enough info about writing for me! 🙂

  3. kelworthfiles

    Hey there! Guess I missed the blogfest, but I've already revealed my A to Z theme for this year; I'm sharing a story idea for each letter of the alphabet. See you on the A to Z trail in a week!

  4. LuAnn Braley

    Great theme, Damyanti! Everyone, from experts to those just starting out can use tips and reminders, or the mantra, if you will, of a good piece of writing advice. Still a week till April? Geez, is someone purposely making the days go slow? I can hardly wait!!! :O)

  5. Guilie Castillo

    Excellent choice, D! I'll be looking forward to reading (and bookmarking!) these tips. It'll be fun to see who agrees and who doesn't, and the ensuing conversations. Great pick!

  6. Beloo Mehra

    Very good theme. Even though I am not into fiction writing, but writing advice from anyone is always welcome and helpful 🙂

  7. Sreeja Praveen

    The tips…. wow, we all can have many of it and still yearn for more. This sure is going to be edutaining. Looking forward to more and more learning , Ma'm 🙂

  8. Li

    Love quotes 🙂 My theme is psychological/personality tests and how to use them for character building. (And exploring one's own traits and quirks.)

  9. Kathy Combs

    As I continue to hone my creative fiction writing skills I will look forward to all the valuable advice throughout the month. Really starting to get excited about it.

  10. Hannah J

    I don't really have a theme – just filling in the gaps – I guess alot of it is all my interests, like movies, musicals and music. Oh and a post about going to We Will Rock You and my Birthday

  11. Rajlakshmi

    I am so looking forward to your posts. I am sure there would be many take aways from your theme 🙂 hope you are doing well now.

  12. Viola Fury

    Damyanti! Thank you so much for this opportunity to participate as one of your minions. I've enjoyed myself thoroughly in the #AZchat and interacting with my co-minions and we haven't even gotten to the challenge yet! I do so much appreciate this, and look forward to reading your posts, as I have gotten rather stale in my writing and need some kind of kick in the pants! Thanks again and I look forward to our journey through this challenge. Love, Mary

  13. klahanie

    Hey Damyanti,

    Hang on a second, my comment is finally here! I've just read your comment, dear lady. I'm sorry to read you're not very well. I'm around if you need to chat. All the best with the A to Z. A journey of fiction will be excellent. Did you know I'm a fictional character created by Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar?

    Try and have a peaceful, hopeful weekend, Damyanti.


  14. D Biswas

    Thanks, everyone for stopping by and for the lovely comments! I'm not very well, so I shall spend my shortened online time visiting back, rather than replying to individual comments.

    Thanks for taking part, those of you here from the AZ reveal!

  15. SD Neeve

    Everyone can use a little writing help, I know I could. So I look forward to some great advice and info this coming April. 🙂

  16. Nicole

    Writing advice is always useful as is learning from the best. You've chosen an effective theme that will help you survive the challenge while also helping others. And yes, better late than never does count for something 🙂

    Get well soon!

    2014 #atozchallenge Co-Host
    The Madlab Post

  17. Shilpa Garg

    Writing advice!! Now, this will be very interesting, informative and insightful! Looking forward to read and soak all the 26 lessons!! 🙂

  18. Crystal Collier

    Fiction writing tips. I'll take it! Now I just have to get my time-stopper working again so I can be sure to make it for every post…but I may be out of anti-aging potion, so… =)

  19. P V Ariel

    Hi Damayanti,
    Good to hear from you about this years theme.
    Great decision, keep writing!!
    Waiting for the D Day!
    Of course I am not yet decided LOL
    Have a great day.

  20. cardamonefive

    Visiting from the theme reveal page. Love your theme: quotes and tips from the best are always a way to new blog posts, so I look forward to reading yours. Mine is 26 Ways to be Happy. Hope you'll tune in.

    Best regards,

  21. Nilanjana Bose

    Interesting theme. Look fwd to reading. Please consider using a larger font size if possible, just a request. I have a hard time with small size fonts because of ghastly eyesight. Thanks.

  22. Nicole Rivera

    My theme is "Writers on Writing from A to Z"!! We will be in the same wheel house next month! I haven't limited myself to fiction, so it should be interesting to see if we have any days that overlap (author-wise or quote-wise!). Best of luck. I'll be checking in!