#AtoZchallenge #flashfiction: H for Having Nothing to Lose

As part of the A to Z Challenge,  through the month of April I’ll be posting a story a day based on photographs by Joseph T. Richardson and prompts given to me by blog-friends.
Writing prompt: Having nothing to lose…

Provided by: Cheryl KP, friend, fellow writer, artist.


#atozchallenge : H for Having lost all hope...
#atozchallenge : H for Having nothing to lose

     Having nothing to lose, she let her dress fall.

      It made no sound. The silk stroked her neck as she untied the knot. It pooled at her breasts, which, sagging, could not hold up the sheath of green.

       It peeled off in the flickering light, alive like an emerald snake, this dress he’d given her, it slid against her stomach, unraveling, and came to rest on her hips.

Her stomach had caved in, her navel a dark hole in a crater of sunken bones. She wanted to sit down, let her body fall, too. She wanted to curl up, touch her nose to her navel. She wanted to sniff out that enemy in her stomach hard as a tennis ball, with none of its bounce, or color, or playfulness.

It sucked out her life, into itself. It will not stop till it’s done, till it has sucked her in, skin, bones, what little flesh she’d left.

She would leave them behind, leave him behind, leave behind the dress. She didn’t need them. Because where she had to go, she would find no life, no green, no shame, no friendship, nor love, no hate, no pain, nor hope. Only a soft twilight, a dusky sameness, a shivering, soft-whispery jungle hugging her path. She would glide down the shiny road, the lines of which will lead her on, from darkness.

She could not see the end, not yet. She heard no sound, but what heartbreak makes a noise, what last breath explodes? The death of hope is silent too. No matter. She will stand, and watch, watch herself curl back to what she once was, and return to where she came from.

That path alone is real.


Are you taking part in the A to Z challenge? Do you read or write fiction? Ever write based on a prompt? Have you lost a loved one to cancer?

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  1. Rajlakshmi

    but what heartbreak makes a noise, what last breath explodes? The death of hope is silent too.// I am in love with these lines… I love how you tell a story without actually telling it, leaving it for the readers to understand and grasp the meaning.

  2. Michelle Stanley

    It’s such a beautifully written sad story. I felt the emotions coming from the words and woman, moreso because I lost my mother from cancer. It made me think that she felt the same way too. I can’t remember that you have 2 blogs and tend to overlook this one. Missed out so much of your posts.

  3. jagarrett

    This is really good, especially for something so short.

    I’ve lost a good friend to cancer as well, so it has that extra bit of poignancy to it.

  4. Birgit

    My dad died of brain cancer and colon cancer runs in the family. Very powerful piece. It makes me want to hug this lady and hold on to her

  5. elixired

    This write up was so intense. I got lost in it for the time I was reading it…

    “She heard no sound, but what heartbreak makes a noise, what last breath explodes? The death of hope is silent too.”

  6. Eli

    Yes, lost someone to cancer.. This was heartbreaking, sad but a very powerful and emotional story. Beautifully written:-)

  7. storyteller5

    Beautiful writing. I used to work for a cancer charity, and so many of the stories were heartbreaking. Thankfully, there were always many more people who survived and triumphed over cancer. Their strength inspired me and gave me hope.

    • Damyanti

      Green is the colour of renewal, of life. It is also the color of envy– the envy a person dying a gradual but certain death feels for the living.

  8. Danny Simon

    WOw! Amazing post! You actually feel like you’re just standing there face to face! Lost quite a few people to cancer…including my own dad…so this is real!

  9. Usha Menon

    This is a very moving post. I can relate to this as I have suffered the pangs of this terrible disease.Only God’s mercy saved me.

  10. Lonewordsmith

    Enjoying these efforts … But as a man far from his Australia and ten years in Germany, wonder how such a longtime writer in continents, enters what appears to be a female niche where no man enters without carrying his shoes, ready to be dismissed. That’s a question without a Mark ….


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  11. echoesofthepen

    A beautifully written yet heart rending piece; poignant and thought provoking as are many of the author’s posts, and a timely reminder that all stories have a happy ending…