#AtoZchallenge #flashfiction: Y is for Yes is such an easy word to say when

As part of the A to Z Challenge,  through the month of April I’ll be posting a story a day based on photographs by Joseph W. Richardson and prompts given to me by blog-friends.
Writing prompt: Yes is such an easy word to say when

Provided by:  Csenge Virág Zalka, friend, fellow writer, storyteller, and one of the magnificent Seven of #TeamDamyanti


#atozchallenge: Yes is such an easy word to say when
#atozchallenge: Yes is such an easy word to say when

        Yes is such an easy word to say when you’re tired.

         Tired of walking the whole day around the island, yes, but tired also of being told what to do, and what to stay away from.    

          Do not heed the siren calls they said, keep your eye on the road, do not eat or rest till we tell you to. You’re a babe in the woods, your sixteen years no match for the forest and its spells.   

           They never tired and strode on, hacking through the undergrowth, scaring away rabbits and snakes and other crawling things.  But he’d had enough of the empty stomach, of never sleeping longer than a few minutes on hard ground, of being terrified of shadows. It exhausted him.

         So, when she asked him to come rest next to her, he said yes.

          She looked shimmery in the twilight, her eyes swimming with unshed tears, as if it was him she’d been waiting for, for years, millennia. The air around them smelled of orchards, of over-ripe fruit, and the call of a lone nightjar cut through the distant murmur of the sea.

         He sat down and moved closer, into her arms. The arms closed around him, the stone of her body warmed in the sunlight, and turned to flesh. He smiled. No one would find him here. He could sleep.

In the morning they found him, a stone lover in a stone woman’s arms. Her cold unmoving eyes looked upon his closed eyelids, a veiled smile upon her white marble lips.


Are you taking part in the A to Z challenge? Do you read or write fiction? Ever write based on a prompt?

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  1. brian miller

    oh my now that took quite the turn didnt it…i like a bit of magic in stories…and perhaps at least he is immortally happy now…smiles.

  2. I.L. Wolf

    What an engaging story based on a prompt! I’ve been mired in longer work for a while now, it’s made me think some short stuff would be fun to do.

  3. storycraftersx2

    Damyanti this was one of my favorites. Can I say why? I don’t want to because it is lovely to just sink into the imagery without analysis. Your writing is gorgeous. If I was still homeschooling my kid I would use your work for writing. Heck I still may…. 🙂

  4. Dan Antion

    I love this story and I really love the way it ends. I didn’t really see that coming, and I’m not sure if I’m sad or not. Good job.

  5. artfullyadelie

    Wonderful story- beautiful and chilling at the same time. Whenever I see statues, I sometimes wonder if they can see me. I love the magical images you weave within the story!

  6. vishalbheeroo

    Whatta beautiful story, Damyanti. A big thanks to you as I finished the challenged, I wasn’t sure would be able to do justice. Thanks n Hugs for the motivation:)

  7. Cinda Yager

    Oh, wow! I really love this post! It can stand on its own, or it could be the beginning of a mystery or a horror novel or both. The reference to “stone” immediately hooked my memory into a “Dr. Who” episode called “Blink.” Chilling. Bravo!

  8. maspring37

    At first,I wanted the piece to be longer, explain more about the terrors but then on re-reading your story, I realised it was the perfect length – just enough to make our imagination fill in the gaps with our own interpretation. Love it.

  9. Keith Channing

    Silly boy – went and got stoned!
    Another superbly crafted fiction. Could you bottle a small amount of your gift and send to me, please? Just the tiniest bit. Please.