What joys will your #Christmas Bring?

This Christmas, I’m going to take a reading break.

That Christmas tree you see to the left? It is two stories tall, and it is made entirely of books. (It’s bringing in the festive season at the Singapore National Library, from where I borrowed no less than eight books.)

This week, I’ll gather me those books, order me some food, curl up on the sofa and read. What with all the traveling, the work, and the writing, I’ve been having withdrawal symptoms– I crave days of uninterrupted reading.

Luckily, my family doesn’t mind my nerdy habits. 

What about you? Prayer, Goodwill, Friends, Food, Family? Downtime? 

Wherever you are, and whatever it is you’re planning for Christmas, I hope you have a good one. See you in the New Year!

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  1. DMS

    That book tree is enormous and I totally love it. How cool that you borrowed books from the library where it is displayed!

    Hope you enjoyed and are enjoying your books!

    Happy 2015!

  2. Li

    Downtime. And since I have allergies, I made my own book tree this year. Not nearly as tall as the one pictured, but it was a lot of fun. Plus, it gave me the opportunity to easily dust the shelves in my library! Happy holidays to you.

  3. Birgit

    Love the tree. Family gift giving and Turkey tomorrow as we always celebrated on the Eve. We go to my sis-in-law on Christmas Day and then I am not doing anything on Friday-nothing, nil, nadda:) Merry Christmas!!

  4. dolorah

    I know I should be writing; but I'm hoping to take the next couple weeks and catch up on reading too. My TBR list has grown as large and that book tree you posted.

    Happy Holidays Damyanti 🙂