5 things that established authors would tell new writers

December has so far been Backache month.

I’ve tried to write and edit everyday (and not succeeded)–but blogging has taken a complete back seat.

For the writers among you, a piece of unasked advice: Take Care of Your Back!

And, here are five other things that a not-so-established writer would like to say to everyone starting on the fiction writing journey:

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  1. grimspound

    Good website, Damyanti! Enjoyed looking around. Thanks also for stopping by my blog and liking the Color of Words post.

  2. dayya

    #3–separate publishing accomplishments from writing accomplishments–to be an excellent point. A consideration I’ve never thought about. Happy New Year, Damyanti!

  3. Maliny Mohan

    I love it when someone offers tips and I love it more if they turn out to be useful ones:) ‘Bookmarking’ the Nail your novel blog too!

  4. Stephanie Faris

    Yuck to your backache. So sorry to hear that. Especially this time of year. I hope you find some relief soon! As for advice for new writers, I’d just say “enjoy the journey.” Because you never really feel “accomplished,” no matter how many books you have published. There’s always something more you want to achieve. So sit back and enjoy each step of the journey for what it is! I look back on those early days of writing and sometimes miss the fun of learning things alongside other aspiring writers.


  5. Jess Fairday's Blog

    I am sorry to hear about your back. Back pain is the worst! I hope you feel better soon. I really enjoyed the article. I like the idea of separating our writing and publishing goals. thanks for sharing!

  6. Jacqui Murray

    Interesting we writers have such difficulty getting past “Don’t give up the day job”. We certainly don’t write for money–passion, joy, our soul, but not to pay the bills.

  7. Miss Megan

    Thank you for the introduction to the Nail Your Novel blog. I am a relatively new writer and I have noticed my back does start to ache! Thanks for the heads up and I hope your back starts to feel like new soon.

  8. egbertstarr

    There’s a pretty persistent notion that “blogging” and “writing” are different things. Ship’s log. Captain’s log. Web log. The medium doesn’t really define or even altogether necessarily contain the message—anymore than papyrus, or basalt, or glyphs, or bones cooked and cracked in a fire once did.

  9. ccyager

    Hope you back heals well and steadily! It must be terribly uncomfortable sometimes. My sprained foot is healing but I still have pain and must be careful when I walk or I could re-injure it. We’re a pair! May 2016 bring both of us better health.

    I plan to share this post at Anatomy of Perceval! Thanks.

  10. miladyronel

    Thanks for sharing the post.
    I hope your back gets better – perhaps going to a physiotherapist would help, back pain isn’t always just back pain…

  11. Harry...the Man!

    Good advice for anyone toying with writing.

    But, hey, more importantly have you seen someone about that pain. Backs are funny things. Please take care of yours.

  12. estacious

    This article had sage advice for the new writer. As a writer that has been writing for years but still consider myself new, I appreciated this post on your site. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Jennifer F. Santucci

    Thanks for sharing this! I liked the part about not being alone. I’m learning it’s really important to have other writers in your life who inspire you. Hope your back gets better!