Have you met my Amazing Inspiration? #AtoZChallenge

So it begins. 26 days of posting through April, for the A to Z Blogging Challenge, instead of the usual 8-10 per month on this blog. As mentioned in my A to Z theme reveal, I’m going to talk about a small non-profit with a large heart from New Delhi, India, for all of April: Project Why, founded by Anouradha Bakshi.

Blogs have brought me many blessings, and Anouradha Bakshi , or Anoudi, as I call her, is one of them. I first saw her picture in a Singaporean newspaper, where they had featured her work with Project Why.

 Anouradha Bakshi
Anouradha Bakshi and the kids

I started following her blog (follow it if you want a very real take on the issues facing India), and read her impassioned posts about the problems faced by many underprivileged children in the slums of New Delhi.

When I first visited Project Why, I understood what Anoudi meant by seeing things from the heart. The classes were all filled with love, from crèche all the way to the senior classes and the Women’s center. Everywhere I went, there were smiles, and there was welcome.

I have since started working with Project Why to help in any little way I can, but my inspiration is Anoudi, who began it all at a dark period of her life. Having lost her parents, and battling depression as a result, she decided to make a difference in the lives of those who needed support. Project Why is the result: today this tiny organization works to empower the community to take on their own responsibilities. Read more about them here and here.

Project Why insists on spending most of the donations received on the kids and the women, finding innovative ways to cut corners on overheads. Anoudi’s honesty, and her unwillingness to make a circus of the slum dwellers makes it difficult for her to raise funds.

Through the month of April, I’ll be taking the spotlight to Project Why, and tell you the stories of those this organization impacts, and those who create the magic of Project Why.

I’ve volunteered at Project Why and the feeling of love and fulfilment is indescribable. Would you like to be a Project Why Ambassador? If you cannot make it to New Delhi, could you Donate to bring a smile to a child’s face? What would you like to say to Anoudi, and the Project Why Family?

To Donate to Project Why, CLICK HERE.
To Contact Project Why, Click Here

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  1. P V Ariel

    Hi Damyanti,
    What a joy to be here today?
    Though I registered for this years A to Z Challenge, sorry I could not take up the projects due to some hindrance. I am so sad to note this.
    This year you have selected a wonderful theme

    Good to know a bit more about Anouradha Bakshi, the amazing woman and her passion and the projects. Glad to know that you could be a part of it.

    Keep up the good work Daya.
    Keep going.
    All good wishes.

  2. Every life has a purpose: Manu from Project Why on Damyanti Biswas's Blog

    […] When Anouradha Bakshi answered his call for help that day in May 2000, a journey began for both of them that would last ten years. At first Anouradha tried to find an institution to take care of him, but having failed at that, she arranged for him to stay in his locality at a rented place where Project Why also began English lessons. Anouradha made herself a promise she would only reveal much later: Manu would have a home, a bed to sleep in, friends to share a meal with and even a TV. […]

  3. Alexis

    What a wonderful organization, and I admire your commitment to supporting it! Looking forward to your posts.

  4. cynthiamvoss

    I remember you posting about this organization before. Good to hear they are still going with their good work. Good luck with the A to Z Challenge!

  5. Harry...the Man!

    It’s great that Anoudi won’t turn this into some kind of circus act attraction. What a way to spend her life. The World is a better place for her living.


  6. pjlazos

    I have long been a believer in grass roots movements and this one looks terrific. I would be honored to donate. Thanks for sharing.

  7. inquisitivegeet

    What an amazing initiative Damyanti.. We’re going to learn a great deal of things from you this April.. Thank you for spreading all the sunshine 🙂


  8. hilarymb

    Hi Damyanti – this is so great to learn and read about … I’ve added their site to my Feedly … and your blog posts through April will be so inspiring and awe-making .. with thoughts and admiration to one and all – cheers Hilary

  9. Gypsy Momma

    Hi! I saw the picture before I read your post! It was sunshine all the way. This is inspirational. I will be following all your posts on this topic!

  10. Nilanjana Bose

    Both you and Anouradha have my sincere admiration and good wishes. Such a worthwhile cause..

    Best wishes,

  11. Debbie D.

    Such a worthy cause! Nice to hear that the funds are going where they are needed, rather than to the administrators. Looking forward to learning more about this.

    • Anouradha Bakshi

      Thank you, Debbie, for your support. One of Project Why’s central tenets is uplifting the entire community, using the community itself. All of our teachers come from the community where our schools are. We would much rather employ more teachers and take on more children than pay an administrator unnecessarily.

  12. Rajlakshmi

    What an amazing person she is … Loved the picture of kids looking smiling and looking so happy … shows how much she has impacted their lives. Beautiful initiative.

  13. latawonders18

    What a wonderful initiative. I am looking forward to reading the stories to follow. The human race is so direly in need of such stories of hope and goodness.

  14. Birgit

    This is so empowering especially since this wonderful lady founded this when she was in such a negative state. From this, she has now brought joy to others and purpose as well.

    • Anouradha Bakshi

      Thank you. Project Why brings much joy to everyone’s life who is involved. One of the great things about Project Why is getting to connect with people all around the world in a singular effort to support our children. That is the greatest kind of joy.

  15. Lisa

    I am very happy to have found your blog through the A to Z challenge, and look forward to learning more about Project Why (sounds like a fantastic organization).

  16. Miss Andi

    I love that photo, I can seeasily why it caught your attention, too!
    Beautiful introduction and I’m looking forward to get to know their work through your future posts.

  17. Sweetbearies Blogs

    It is unfortunate that someone who tells the truth and wants to give money to the truly needy cannot raise more. I hope some corporate sponsors who want to do good will give to her cause.

  18. N Burggraf

    Anoudi sounds like the kind of person we can all aspire to. Congratulations to you for supporting the cause. I look forward to hearing more. Thank you for such a heartfelt post. Happy weekend.

  19. Linda Ann Nickerson

    Tried to click the LIKE button, but I’m not on WordPress, so I don’t have the sign-in for it. What a wonderful concept for your A-Z series. Very PURPOSEFUL!
    Thanks for visiting Heart of a Ready Writer.

  20. moondustwriter

    Happy April Damyanti. The internet is such a great place to learn about projects that otherwise you would never hear about. Im just in the beginning stages of starting what might be a non-profit.(would be my 4th) Ever since the Ebola crisis I have been looking for ways to help orphaned children – Fill the Cracks is just beginning.
    I’m A to Zing from Fill the Cracks and Moondustwriter

  21. Mason Canyon

    I definitely see why you’re inspired. This sounds like an awesome project. I look forward to learning more about Project Way through your A to Z challenge.

  22. greyzoned/angelsbark

    What an impressive little angel she is! She has a huge heart and what an undertaking. I can see why she was an inspiration. I look forward to reading more about Project Why.

    Have fun with the A-Z!

    Michele at Angels Bark