Want to say Hi to Happy Rampreet ? #atozchallenge

For the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I’m blogging 26 days in April based on the alphabet and bringing you stories from the nonprofit Project Why.

Today’s feature is one of the humblest yet the most indispensable members of the Project Why Family! Because of his ready smile, Project Why’s founder, Anouradha Bakshi calls our featured guest for today, Happy Rampreet.

Happy Rampreet is the jack-of-all-trades at the Project Why Women’s Center. He  greets you with a huge toothy grin as you set foot inside the center and rushes to get you a glass of water. You might think he is the guard but do not be surprised to see him repairing a sewing machine, watering the plants or chopping vegetables. Rampreet does it all.

In 2010, a worried young secondary student hesitantly told her teacher about the plight of her father. Rampreet, a factory worker, lost his job when he fell sick and needed immediate surgery. His tiny savings dwindled away and the landlord threatened to throw the family out.

Young Geeta (with her father in the picture below) also shared that her father slept on the floor after his surgery as the family didn’t own a mattress, let alone a bed. Team Project Why sprung into action. The hat was passed around and everyone pitched in. A mattress was purchased the very day and the rent money collected shortly after. But the family was jobless and had 6 mouths to feed.

Damyanti Biswas talks about Project Why and the wonderful work this small nonprofit with a large heart does in the slum communities of New DelhiThe only solution until Rampreet was back on his feet was to provide the family enough to meet their immediate needs. For the long term, the team decided to approach Anouradha Bakshi and secure a job for Rampreet.

The rest is history. Happy Rampreet had come to stay.

All Rampreet’s children studied in Project Why. Geeta the eldest completes her schooling this year. Project Why supported her studies all the way as she is a bright and intelligent girl who can aspire to a better future. His youngest two are still in Project Why.

Rampreet and his family, who were supported by Project why and became a part of the Project Why Family, is how this tiny non-profit makes a huge difference, by providing employment and spreading education.

Would you like to ensure that more of Project Why staff’s children can receive support? Have you met people like him in your daily life: your office or neighborhood? What would you say to Happy Rampreet?

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  1. BeckyHelps

    Bless you, you’ve been following me now for 2 years, I thought I best give you the heads up that I am changing my url to kindabexy.wordpress.com shortly. See you there perhaps?

  2. kalaravi16

    A real blessing that Project Why intervened and gave a new lease of life to Rampreet and his family. This story is one which inspires me to believe that there is still a lot of good in this world happening. A lovely read Damyanti.
    @KalaRavi16 from

  3. Hilary

    Hi Damyanti – Project Why is amazing … but what a huge benefit Rampreet must be to the project as a whole .. and his family have achieved so much too … brilliant to read – cheers Hilary

  4. Susan Scott

    What an extraordinary story! Happy Rampreet, you make my heart swell. Thank you for sharing this Damyanti and to Project Why, thank you for all that you are and do ..

    • projectwhy

      Thank you Susan for your kind words. At Project Why we try to do as much as we can with the help of kind supporters and well wishers,