In the Heart of Stone #atozchallenge

For the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I’m blogging 26 days in April based on the alphabet and bringing you stories from the nonprofit Project Why.

At Project Why there are many stories, big and small, but today I bring you the story of Stone, who walked into the hearts of the slum-dwellers of New Delhi, and carried them with him when he left.

Damyanti Biswas talks about the Nonprofit ProjectWhy In the slums of New Delhi
Slums in new Delhi

When Project Why opened its first doors more than 16 years ago, it was to chance upon a discovery of another India. An India that plied those from the Project with numberless cups of syrupy tea or cold drinks hurriedly purchased at the corner shop, often on credit. Money was scarce among the slum-dwellers, but not love or hospitality.

Stone’s story exeplifies this love and kindness, given, and received.

Stone was Project Why’s first volunteer and hailed from Uganda. In no time every family in the street ‘adopted’ him: he became not just the favorite of the children but also of the ladies, young and old, and their men. A passerby was once beaten up by the ladies from the slum for having dared make a snide remark at his skin color.

Damyanti Biswas discusses volunteering at Project Why and the love and generosity of slum dwellersWhen Stone contracted TB, everyone took upon themselves to help him heal. Some offered fruit juices, others simply came and chatted with him. There was one family of limited means who took upon itself the duty of feeding him everyday with healthy and wholesome food.

Upon recovering, Stone showed his love in return: from tending to the festering wound of a diabetic old man, to cleaning the house of a young mother and feeding her everyday, he did it all.

On the morning he left India, he went from home to home in the slums to say goodbye. Everyone came out to bid farewell, with not a dry eye in sight.

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 Would you volunteer at Project Why, and become a Project Why Ambassador? Will you support Project Why in its drive to make a difference? Have you ever been to India? What was the experience like?

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  1. Michelle Stanley

    Stone is a warm, caring young man to give so willingly of himself. One month is not sufficient to tell these touching stories of the children and work of volunteers at Project Why.

  2. Psychic Nest

    This is such a fantastic project! Thank you kindly for introducing us to it. I have never been to India but I want to some day. Lovely story, thank you so much for sharing!


  3. hilarymb

    Hi Damyanti – what a wonderful story … I’d love to know more – how he came to be in India etc …

    Cheers Hilary

  4. aj vosse

    Your stories are so simple yet so powerful! I feel an urge to get moist eyes when I read them!
    I hope you’re going to put together a “journal” capturing the characters of all these great folk… that could be a income earner for this great cause!! 😀

  5. jazzfeathers

    Another beautiful story. Stories like this really remind us that there is a lot of good in people… even if sometime we may be led to think the contrary.

    • projectwhy

      One of the most rewarding experience Project Why has given is the discovery of so many wonderful souls Damyanti being one of them

  6. Jacqui Murray

    The last job I left, colleagues didn’t line up to say goodbye. I can’t even imagine how good that would feel. That’s what we work for, not money.

  7. Nicola Burggraf

    It is so heartwarming to know people like Stone walk on this earth. It shows us what ‘Love thy neighbour’ looks like. Thank you for sharing.

  8. njee01

    Serving green ice cream, water, tea and cold drinks at the corner block raise funds to continue this project and we are thankful for all their efforts into project Why.