#atozchallenge: Wonder Wormans of Project Why

For the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I’m blogging 26 days in April based on the alphabet and bringing you stories from the nonprofit Project Why.

 Rarely is love instant, and yet, once in a blessed while, it is. When the Wormans walked through the doors of Project Why it was love at first sight! Em and Alan Worman are from New Zealand and first came to Project Why five years ago. They returned again three years later.

Damyanti Biswas covers the Nonprofit Project why based in New Delhi India, for her A to Z Blogging Challenge in April 2016It is a special kind of magic that these two gentle souls wove at Project Why: helping rediscover the true meaning of words adults often forget– fun, joy, exultation, delight, cheerfulness, gaiety.  They renewed faith in values rarely seen these days: trust, honesty and goodness.

Alan is a magician, top hat and all. The top hat was tucked in the one rucksack they shared and that contained all their worldly ware. They were relocating, they said, and had thus kept only the essentials. They held magic shows galore to the delight of the children, but they also taught science in a fun way that translated into bubbles-displays and strange machines. Science, physics, and even the dreaded maths were turned into fun sessions that taught the children more than they’d ever learned before.

Alan and Em are like two happy children ready to discover all that the world has to offer to them and enjoy it to its fullest. They never frown or scowl .

Their joie de vivre is infectious, and shows that it takes very little to live life to its fullest. Ask them how their day went and you hear fabulous, awesome, amazing. Ask them how the food was and you hear delicious even if you’ve served them a simple innocuous meal.

Alan and Em give a whole new meaning to the word charity, as their generosity is boundless and their trust in human nature implicit. Project Why waits for the next Magical Worman trip!

Have you met magicians like the Wormans, who’re teachers, scientists and above all, wonderful human beings? How is science taught in schools where you live? What do kids in the schools do for fun? Would your kids have enjoyed a show with the Wonder Wormans?

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  1. uniqusatya

    I know i missed few posts about this amazing project,hope to pick them up soon.
    Women are very important in spreading love especially where children are concerned and so good to know about there wonder women weaving their magic there.

  2. hilarymb

    Hi Damyanti – what fun … and how amazing they keep visiting and bringing their magic with them, their science skills to teach and help with the kids and then their sparkling happy souls to nourish and encourage others …

    Wonderful story for the Wonder Wormans … cheers Hilary