Do You Crave Silence? #WordlessWednesday

Adulting has been tough the past few days. Travel has meant I’m hardly ever online.

For the WordlessWednesday linky by the wonderful duo Natasha and Esha, I give you this snippet of silence:

Wordless Wednesday

What Wednesday bloghops do you host/ participate in? What has your week been Wordless Wednesdaylike, so far? Where are you at, this Wednesday?


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  1. Jugaaduwriter

    Irony is today we feel the craving for something , that is natural to us. I hope someday question changes to how often do you come out of silence.

  2. cindamackinnon

    Wordless Wednesday may be tongue in cheek but yesI do crave silence. I have to go to meetings and often feel I’m onstage pretending to be an extrovert, feeling exhausted late in the day. I finally decided to carve time out for myself in the afternoon when I am “not available” – I read, rest and/or do tai chi. If I’m lucky I go a for a walk in nature. This keeps me sane and happy.

    • Damyanti Biswas

      Yep. We do need some silent ‘me-time’ in order to be with the world each day.

    • Damyanti Biswas


      I tried to leave a comment on your site, Kaye, but it asked me to log into your site, which isn’t possible. I was logged into wordpress when I tried it. (This is just fyi)

  3. pjlazos

    I like the conversion of the noun to “adulting”. It does imbue it worth a certain seriousness that sounds like your days have had. Hang in there, Damyanti!

  4. Parul Thakur

    Beautiful! I love Wordless Wednesday and I join twice a month 🙂
    I am so tempted to invite you for Thursday Tree Love too. Will you?

  5. simonfalk28

    In a word: yes! I love silence. There have been times though, when I know I can have too much alone time and can get lost in my ruminations. That, of course is not true silence. For, true silence is more still and centred. What a wonderful thing you have initiated in this post.

  6. Bellybytes

    I crave silence too! With Navratri going on the tuneless music with the synthesiser and awful
    Drums competing with cars honking and the general noise levels in my house being louder at evening time ….. I could do with some moments of silence and calm .
    I participate in WW Wednesdays too. Occasionally on Writing Wednesday but I desperately need to carve a timetable and stick to it …

  7. JT Twissel

    This week has been mostly catch up for me and today I’m out of energy. But at least I’m not in the path of a hurricane so no complaints.

  8. hilarymb

    Hi Damyanti – yes I love the peace and quiet … always time to think; yet when out I need to be in nature not looking at a cell phone, or listening to something … the birds, bees and insects with the whispering wind bring enough gentleness to life. Lovely photo – must have been an amazing place to visit … sometimes there’s just too much going on. Cheers Hilary

  9. ccyager

    Lovely photo! I often crave silence, especially when I’m working on fiction or reading fiction. My week, Ugh. I had to have a medical procedure this morning (colonoscopy) and spent yesterday prepping for it. I still feel kind of out of it. At least there was good news as a result of the procedure. I look forward very, very much to not having any more medical appointments this month! Yay!

  10. The Words Kraft

    Silence is often considered a sign a weakness or non-participation. Makes us look less social. In reallity, silence I fell is a virtue. A gift that allows us to think, create and imagine.

  11. Esha M Dutta

    What a pretty picture of silence that is, Damyanti! Thanks for linking up with us this week, and sharing that snippet. I absolutely thrive on silence and could never have enough of it—It’s a solace, a comfort and a bliss that sustains me through the roller coaster ride of life. Getting my post ready for #WATWB this time since I missed a few, in between. 🙂