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In five days, this blog would be 5 years old.

This post is just to thank everyone who has borne with me over the years, and to wish them, and everyone else, a New Year full of fulfilled possibilities.

If we didn’t have a calendar, New Year’s day would be just another day, as would our birthdays. But as a race, we believe in cycles of renewal, in marking time and memory, and in ritualising both. We believe that new would be better than the old, that we can become different people in the coming time — which leads us to New Year Resolutions.

For the last few years, I’ve been making one major resolution, and several minor ones. My major resolution for 2012 was to learn how to swim, and I ticked it off the list. Other goals were to write more, and be healthier — both of which seem to be working out. I’m 4 kilos lighter and have written about 56000 words this far, besides editing a few short stories.

Goal for 2013:

Finish my #WIP and get it ready for publication. Continue to write more, and work towards better health.

Do you believe in the New Year, and its resolutions?

Damyanti Biswas

Damyanti Biswas is the author of You Beneath Your Skin and numerous short stories that have been published in magazines and anthologies in the US, the UK, and Asia. She has been shortlisted for Best Small Fictions and Bath Novel Awards and is co-editor of the Forge Literary Magazine. Her literary crime thriller series, the Blue Mumbai, is represented by Lucienne Diver from The Knight Agency. Both The Blue Bar and The Blue Monsoon were published in 2023.

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  • Made lots of plans to work toward certain goals, which I talked about on my bloggy-blog, but I don't know if that's the same thing as making "Resolutions" or not. Regardless, I'm hoping to mark some things off my lists. My family also does an annual motto. Last year's was "Everything New!", which was extremely accurate since I quit my job, start working on a novel, & began blogging. My son graduated HS & is paying for college out of his own pocket, & my daughter is enjoying extra time with me around her school schedule. It was a rough year, but definitely had its highs as well. This year our motto is simply to "Stay on Target" — despite the likelihood of getting blown up (*wink* for any Star Wars fans who get the reference). I decided since my kids don't go back to class till Monday, Jan. 7, the New Year has not yet officially begun & thus I have a couple more days of mental vacay before I have to seriously dive into anything! :p

    • Damyanti says:

      You did very well last year, despite the challenges. Wish you all the best for this one — my new year has already begun, and I need to hit the 1000-word mark again today!

  • A very happy new year to you. Thank you for visiting my blog today.

  • ashnfinn says:

    Hi there! Happy New Year to you and my your goals come to fruition.

  • Hey, Damyanti,
    Happy New Year. I made my major resolution last year. The one thing I promised myself for 2012 is to try and be more patient. Good luck with achieving your goals.

  • John Wiswell says:

    My resolution last year worked out pretty well! To stop reading bad books rather than seeing every one to the end. Made my 2012 a much more pleasant experience between covers. Don't have a resolution this year, though…

    And happy birthday to your blog! Good luck on that work in progress.

  • Congrats on the blogiversary, and happy 2013! I'm not necessarily a fan of resolutions, but I do like trying to have a new and better mindset each year. This year I need to commit to my stories and being a writer. Good luck with everything! 🙂

  • Welcome back, Damy! I don't set resolutions, but I do set goals.

  • D.G. Hudson says:

    Yes, I need a list, being that type, so I made goals this year and the big one is to focus on the Writing (of novels, short stories). (under the tab '2013 Write it' if you're interested). I'm already planning for the a-z challenge as part of that.

  • Mia Hayson says:

    Happy New Year!


  • Tonja says:

    This year is odd because my kids are off school until next Monday. I want to get my house polished up and organzied so I can get busy writing more when they go back to school. So it's kind of a new year's week for me. It feels like another day.

    • Damyanti says:

      I didn't welcome new year from home — so it did feel a little different from other days. I'm writing despite everything these days, have already crossed 60,000 words 🙂

  • Jo says:

    I like Tina's, Life is Good, idea of choosing a word for the year. Hers is contentment, mine is mindfulness.