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I lost internet connection for a while.

Okay, let’s not be mysterious. I was relocating.

I got internet back 3 days ago, but it is funny how when you’re exhausted your pen dries up. I tried, and failed, repeatedly, to write a post yesterday, and the day before.

Catching up with pending emails today, and for once, not running around trying to get things organised. That will change in the next hour or so, but for the moment I can force myself to type out a few lines.

In the meanwhile, I got a few concerned comments from treasured blog-friends, and I can’t say how grateful I am for them. Some days all you want to do is whinge, and let someone tell you it is all going to turn out all right.

I’m a whinge-r by nature, so I carefully monitor my behavior, and try to whinge less, or not at all. That is not to say I do not appreciate sympathy and good wishes when I get them. I do. I’m thankful.

I’ll get back to more regular posting here and on Amlokiblogs starting this week, and hopefully scrawl out a few writing-prompt pieces.

Thanks for staying with me, for commenting, and being my friends even when I’ve done so little to deserve it. I love you all 🙂

Damyanti Biswas

Damyanti Biswas is the author of You Beneath Your Skin and numerous short stories that have been published in magazines and anthologies in the US, the UK, and Asia. She has been shortlisted for Best Small Fictions and Bath Novel Awards and is co-editor of the Forge Literary Magazine. Her next literary crime thriller, The Blue Bar, is represented by Lucienne Diver from The Knight Agency, and was published by Thomas & Mercer on January 1, 2023.

I appreciate comments, and I always visit back. If you're having trouble commenting, let me know via the contact form, or tweet me up @damyantig !

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  • indigo bunting says:

    Glad you’re back. Wondering if you are living in the same country…

  • Bob Sanchez says:

    Oh, you’re so right about fatigue drying up your pen. I’m traveling next week, so I thought I’d start my A-Z adventure a bit early.

    • Damyanti says:

      I wish you all the best for your writing and your travels, Bob. Welcome to my blog, and hope you come back often.

  • Arti says:

    Good for you to be able to keep unplugged for so long, albeit a ‘forced hiatus’. I can’t imagine myself without the Internet for long now… I’m very curious to know how you felt during this tech-free hiatus, loss of connections, or the opposite: more autonomous and independent?

  • DarcKnyt says:

    “Deserve” has nothing to do with why your friends love you and find you special. I hope the relocation isn’t a negative thing for you, even if it’s difficult. We missed you and will be happy to have you again.

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