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Dear Blog Friends, Are Your Ready for THE BLUE MONSOON?


Fifteen years. That’s how long I’ve been blogging. I know a lot of my blog friends today for the last twelve years. Some for ten or eight or five or three.

Which is why, when people tell me I should drop blogging now, I laugh. I’ll blog till the last day I can. You’ll have to pry my blog from my cold, dead hands.

And there’s good ‘heart reasons’ for that.

Each time I’ve been in trouble, or have needed support with a new book coming out, so many of you have held my hand. I know I can never repay the support in kind, but I keep trying.

(Everyone with a new book out, please buzz me via the website email, or tag me on twitter @damyantig )

In other news, the sequel to THE BLUE BAR will be out soon, and it is called THE BLUE MONSOON. The premise is above, but the story involves castration, caste, and the hair industry.

While you wonder how these connect, here are some snippets from THE BLUE MONSOON universe:

I wrote this for WEPFF: In a halo of the senses: ““You’re married to your solitude, you think, and then she walks in. You tell yourself she’s passing by, just like the rest of them, but she pauses. Walks to you, sits down. It’s just a class you’re taking together. Computer classes. The class is in an upstairs room. Humid Mumbai air weighs the afternoon down. Outside, mating pigeons coo on the eaves. Sweat trickles down your temples but you pay it no mind.In the one hour your teacher drones on, you know she’s better than you. Than the teacher too. By miles. You wonder why she’s there at all. While leaving, she smiles and you know you’re done for. You wonder no more.” Read more…

This was for my One-Shot gazette (are you subscribed?): Sickly-sweet smell of death

“I’m a deep sleeper but something woke me up. A sound. A human sound. Someone is here. On other days it would be the most normal thing in the world, just my wife sighing before she got out of bed, her breath a prayer in the darkest moments of dawn. Not today though. It’s the twelfth day after she left, and the only weight on the bed other than my body is my heart, perched on the bed like it is its own little person. I’ve dreamt often of this heart in the past few days, a fist-sized thing but heavy as a log on a pyre, with the contained fury of a crime suspect knocked around for too long.” Read more…

If these snippets have piqued your interest, please pick up a pre-order! Pre-orders show a publisher that a book is worth investing marketing dollars on.

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Not gonna lie, THE BLUE MONSOON was a scary book to write.

I was writing on contract for the first time, with a deadline, and had THE BLUE BAR to measure up to, was worried my agent and my editor might hate the premise. But they found it compelling, and I hope you do, too. It is a dark novel but I’m hoping it is an intriguing one, and that you’ll care about the characters who emerged in THE BLUE BAR and continue in THE BLUE MONSOON.

In the last few months since publication, THE BLUE BAR has received almost 3,500 ratings on Amazon, and so many of them have been great. Some of them have been from you, like this one from Mary Aalgaard.The blue bar reviewReviews are life-blood for books, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the reviews posted by Ronel Janse van Vuuren, Marian AllenJacqui Murray, Dan Antion, Jemi Fraser, Anna Tan, Joy Campbell, J Lenni Dorner, Susan Scott, and so many others.

These friends have been a blessing, especially because THE BLUE BAR was attacked by racist trolls, and needed all the honest reviews it could get.

If you’ve read THE BLUE BAR, a line or two on Amazon would make my day.

Do you read or write crime novels or thrillers? Have you read THE BLUE BAR? Would you like to pick up THE BLUE MONSOON? Do you have a book coming out soon that you’d like me to shout out about? Is there a book by another author you’re looking forward to reading?

My literary crime novel, The Blue Bar is on Kindle Unlimited now. Add it to Goodreads or snag a copy to make my day. The sequel, The Blue Monsoon is up for pre-orders! And if you’d like to read a book outside the series, you can check out You Beneath Your Skin.  Find all info about my books on my Amazon page or Linktree.

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Damyanti Biswas

Damyanti Biswas is the author of You Beneath Your Skin and numerous short stories that have been published in magazines and anthologies in the US, the UK, and Asia. She has been shortlisted for Best Small Fictions and Bath Novel Awards and is co-editor of the Forge Literary Magazine. Her literary crime thriller series, the Blue Mumbai, is represented by Lucienne Diver from The Knight Agency. Both The Blue Bar and The Blue Monsoon were published in 2023.

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