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Fundraising to Keep a Sewing Circle Alive? Hell, yes! #GivingTuesday #ProjectWhyDelhi

Blogging has taken a backseat this month: fundraising and advocating has taken its place. I’ve been volunteering with Project Why (I did 26 stories about them in 2016), and renewed my acquaintance with some of the bravest souls I’ve ever met. This organization, nestled in the underprivileged communities of New Delhi, is all heart, so…

blogging troubles

Where are you at, this Wednesday? #WednesdayWisdom

The dynamic duo Natasha and Esha host the #WordlessWednesday list –-and I’m joining in today for two reasons: one, blogging hasn’t been easy lately, and a Wordless post should be easier, right? Two, I’d rather be wordless these days: words need energy, and I have none. Recovery from the slump has been slow. All I…