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#IWSG: What if you need to hibernate?

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Blogging during Hibernation

This new year’s eve, I fell asleep before midnight.

Of course, I’m aging. But more than aging, I’m hibernating.

Since Christmas, I’m doing a complete rewrite of my MS, and I aim to get it done by the 31st January. So I’m not really responding to messages, making  (or receiving) calls. Not blogging (much) either: I click Likes still, when I sometimes read posts during writing breaks, but not many comments.

It’s like I need to stay in the world of my MS to bang out about 2 to 2.5 k words a day: and it’s like meditation, if you’ve ever watched a hen incubate an egg with those faraway, lost look in her eyes, you’ll know what I look like these days. Pretty darn unattractive. You’ll find me on Twitter: @damyantig : I’m a sucker for  #wordsprint ever since I started this binge, and #1k1hr .

But this morning my calendar told me today is the 7th Birthday of this Blog. If I ignore that too, I’d be a bit of an asshat.

So I’m peeping up to say HI to everyone, to wish everyone a good new year ahead. And I’d be an even bigger asshat if I didn’t say THANKYOU to all the readers and commenters of my blog. And didn’t say SORRY for disappearing (pretty much) from the blogiverse for the last few weeks.

So Thankyou for being my friends, and Sorry about disappearing.

I also re-added myself to the Insecure Writers Support Group, cos let’s face it, right about now, in this temporary break from my fictive dream, I do feel a little Insecure. What if everyone forgets I exist? What if this blog becomes a forest of *crickets*?

From within the world of my novel, these seem like pretty trivial concerns. (That’s because they are, Damyanti– the world has gone through tragedies too many and too diverse to name in 2014– and you’re worried about your blog? #firstworldproblems #sigh)

But as ever, I need your advice: What do you do when you need to hibernate? Is it terrible that I want to take this month off to finish my MS? I know I can’t, I’ve made commitments, but what if I could? Have you ever taken a hiatus from your blog? Taken a hiatus in January? Thoughts on Hibernation? Hit me with them!

Damyanti Biswas

Damyanti Biswas is the author of You Beneath Your Skin and numerous short stories that have been published in magazines and anthologies in the US, the UK, and Asia. She has been shortlisted for Best Small Fictions and Bath Novel Awards and is co-editor of the Forge Literary Magazine. Her literary crime thriller series, the Blue Mumbai, is represented by Lucienne Diver from The Knight Agency. Both The Blue Bar and The Blue Monsoon were published in 2023.

I appreciate comments, and I always visit back. If you're having trouble commenting, let me know via the contact form, or tweet me up @damyantig !

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  • KDKH says:

    I take a week off work and devote all my activity to writing. Then it’s back to the office. I really can’t do more than that at once. But I’d like to!

  • Elle says:

    congrats on beating the 7 year itch with your blog 😉

  • Hi Damyanti, Nice post here on Yangon. And am also happy that you have bow-tied and sent out your WIP. Must have been quite a relief. Can you drop a hint what it is about? All the best.

  • Shauna says:

    How’s the MS going?

  • I did just that. I got out of town and finished the rough draft of my upcoming book. I don’t know of any other way to immerse yourself in the creation than to shed all the little day to to day responsibilities that pop up to pull you away from yourself. It isn’t wrong to indulge in such as long as you are being responsible to your goal and not slouching off. I accomplished exactly what I intended so I feel great about it. If I had not carried out my intention I would felt guilty I am sure. I say go for it. Everyone knows where your attention and intention lies.

  • First of all, Happy New Year! Secondly, I’m all for hibernation. Yep, I was off (and off-line) for almost 2 months, most of it in the tropics. Back in the land of ice and snow, and wish I’d hibernated for longer Brrr!!! Looking forward to your re-emergence.

  • By now you’ve finished your MS. Good luck with it. Thanks for stopping by my blog on your re-emergence. I appreciate it.

  • I’ve pulled disappearing act many times over my life. Online and offline. It’s just how I need to recharge sometimes, though that is a lot more difficult with two young kids. I do now get lost in my head just randomly that my husband will say to me ,”hey where did you go?” and I have to say “nowhere” — and that’s what it is…a nowhere! A place to just concentrate on nothing.

  • RMRenfield says:

    Just written my first blog post in over 10 months. 300+ words on self doubt and procrastination. Flawed is just perfect, thanks! All best with the MS…

  • I take breaks when I have to.v

  • We need breaks sometimes! BTW, I have an award for you at my blog!

  • nikibayard says:

    7 years?! are you serious!!!!
    yes, you must be…
    hibernation…. 🙂 a well deserved break!

  • Incredible, and oh so real! I feel your pain, and I am thankful to my Father for your presence here even if it’s a post a month! Thank you Damyanti! Just followed you on Twitter! Follow me back @danieltomlins72.

  • Missed you today for IWSG day. Hope everything is all right.

  • Hi! This is an awesome post! I see that you’ve been following my blog for a while.
    If you’d like to follow me on those I’d love to see you around. I update them regularly. Keep up the awesome blogging!

  • Jeff Bushman says:

    We all need a break once in a while. Especially if it is for writing. Irony is so bittersweet. Picked up this site off a Twitter recommendation. I will be an ambassador in the A to Z this year. Hope to see you around and good luck with your MS.

  • indigobunting says:

    Just cuz I’ve disappeared too doesn’t mean I don’t think of you. Best wishes with the project!

  • Oh, I can’t hibernate in seclusion. I’m re-writing my WIP–almost done–and find myself glossing over parts because I’ve read them so many times. The only thing that prevents that is frequent but creative breaks, like writing posts, ezine articles, and such.

  • Hi, what is MS?
    As for break, that is when the best ideas spurt out, germinate and take wings.
    So happy hibernation and happy Anniversary to you.

  • tinehreno says:

    This is my first encounter with your blog. Your seven-year anniversary post is the first of its posts that I’ve ever read. Congratulations on that. Maintaining a blog for seven years takes commitment, so does writing a novel.

    What if we need to hibernate to write? If we need to do something, we don’t really have a choice. I wrote my first novel, while hibernating. My body needed to rest because I was very ill. I needed to hibernate to heal. I needed to write to hibernate. I see no reason why it couldn’t work the other way.

    Many people need to write to heal. Hibernation, in the sense that we shut down other aspects of our lives, is often a part of any commitment.

    You are doing what you need to do. I’m confident it will be worth it.

  • christawojo says:

    “a hen incubate an egg with those faraway, lost look in her eyes…” lol!

    I’m in revisions (my first time) also and I’m sure I look like that too. You’re right. Glazed eyes–not attractive.

  • lawrenceez says:

    Do a couple of quick updates, sort of Back-Soon. Just my opinion though. Good luck with the MS.

  • Zambian Lady says:

    Happy birthday to your blog. My blog is too new for me to hibernate. Maybe I will do so when it is older and has gained traction.

  • Just write. Winter is the perfect time to hibernate with your story. Happy writing to you!

  • Peter Nena says:

    Happy New Year, Damyanti! I wish I could hibernate and finish some stories I started writing but paused due to commitments. I’ve been writing a certain story since mid Dec. I hope to finish it this week. I hope–that lovely phrase. Ha!

  • Anton says:

    Happy belated birthday for this blog. A good question but the problem is that human can not hibernate (in its real term). Unless you are in comma condition, human can’t sleep too long. Hahahaha

    But yes, everyone needs some rest sometimes, even rest from the things they like. We won’t forget you just because you are missing for some periods. You are too precious to be forgotten

    So take a bit longer rest and come back with more inspiring writings.. 😀

  • It’s not terrible. Good luck with your MS, Damyantig.

  • BellyBytes says:

    Keep on going with whatever it is you intend to finish. Life happens anyway. I often want to hibernate but the max I’ve managed to do is sleep for two hours. Wish you luck with your MS. The end of the month is near…….

  • Tiffany says:

    Hibernating is not a bad thing. We need time to think and recharge, sometimes you have to slow down to speed up. Cliché, over used quote that I just stated but it’s the truth. I took sabbatical from my blog, an entire 6 months of last year. But it was for the better and my blog is still doing well. Take the well deserved break to finish your novel!

  • cricketmuse says:

    Thanks for popping in from hibernating and reading about Cyrano. I somewhat hibernating due to the demands of teaching. My solution is to sit down and pre-schedule some entries to give me some space. That way I keep connected with the blogging world and keep focused on my other demands. And happy anniversary!

  • Moushumi Ghosh says:

    Damyanti: Just write. No need to explain or apologise. Your readers understand. 🙂 Happy new year!

  • waynemullane says:

    Writing is a lonely, consuming passion. Hibernating is essential to get the work done. This January I’m taking a break from writing stories to focus on setting up my WordPress blog. It was a hard decision, but one that I’m comfortable with. Similarly, by hibernating you’re doing what is right for you. This article reinforces the focus that I need to develop in my writing pursuits as well

  • I think if you’re thinking about taking time away from your blog to focus on your novel then that’s what you need to do. You shouldn’t feel guilty at all, but we all do in situations like this. I suppose the guilt is because you care and that can only be a good thing. Take the time: your blog and your readers will still be there when you come back.

  • oshrivastava says:

    Reblogged this on oshriradhekrishnabole.

  • Maliha T says:

    I’d usually cut off all contact with the world. I like being on my own. And since my blog is just 4 posts old, I’d probably write more during my hibernation.
    And many congratulations on your blog ‘ s 7th bday. 🙂

  • All the best in the New Year. Take care of yourself and congratz on 7 years of blogging!

  • Sheila says:

    Happy Birthday and keep at it, I’m sure you’ll reach your goal. Good Luck.

  • lexacain says:

    I do the same thing when I’m finally getting some writing done. Go you – keep it up! And happy 7th Blog-versary!! 🙂

  • Lisa V says:

    Happy new year! And enjoy your break. I’m sort of in a break too…working on getting published and starting a new MS as well. Enjoy your time with your MS. No need to apologize.

  • Marie Keates says:

    Happy blog birthday. Hibernation always sounds like such a good idea to me 🙂

  • Not to worry. I think all writers at some time have to closet themselves to write. Good luck with the book. I think it’s perfectly OK to take a break from blogging. But it’s best if you put an announcement at the top of the blog announcing that you’re gone and saying when to expect you back.

  • While I’d love to hear more from you, I think that it is good to devote time to your MS. I myself am working on a project, although sparingly because it is overwhelming. Blogging frequently is a way for me to keep my mind refreshed and sharp so I can continue with the idea I have for what I am attempting to finish. But hibernating is nothing to fret over, if putting all that focus into your project aids its completion.

    On New Year’s Eve, I got my writing notebook and wrote down all these writing prompts and topics for essays I wanted to post. In the past I’d put a deadline on all these, or have some quantified goal I eventually never got back to fulfilling. But not this time. Just topics for me to revisit. If I need to hibernate and take time off to do other things to clear my head so that I can better write on these topics in the future, I am totally fine with it.

  • andfreed says:

    I think giving yourself permission to hibernate, including taking a break from your blog, is a great idea and can be just what you need. Happy New Year and good luck with your MS!

  • Miss Alister says:

    I’ve sacrificed for others and their causes and projects for years and years, and I’ve done it out of guilt, I feel I should help and I try to be everywhere at once, and the things that will fulfill me as a person fall by the wayside. So I say, thanks for letting us know, now GO! GO, hole up, and do the thing that, at the end of your life you will feel was the most important thing for you to accomplish! I’m studying Claire Tomalin, ultra-gifted biographer, and she said in an interview, “When I am writing I’m not a good wife. I shut myself away, and all my emotions are directed toward what I’m trying to write.” Do that, what lights your soul up with pure joy! To write a great work, all of you must be thrown into it.

  • cynthiamvoss says:

    Happy birthday to your blog!! Don’t worry about the break, you’re focused on your MS and that’s great!! Best of luck!

  • Last winter, the cold was much more brutal, and I found myself yearning to be inside, eating under an afghan, so I strongly relate to hibernation. Best of luck with your work!

  • Hi Damyanti – I’m currently doing just that! I’m “home” in the tropics with family during the month of January, and am on semi-hiatus from my blog. I’m missing my blog friends, but hey, I have 11 more months to catch up!

  • “It’s like I need to stay in the world of my MS ” – Good for you! I took about ten days off from my writing over the holiday. I discovered three things: 1- The break was really great for my mind 2- I couldn’t wait to get back to writing my novel 3- (surprise!) not an iota of progress had transpired in my absence. By all means, stay in the world of you MS. That’s how things get done. Best of luck and best regards.

  • A Happy New Year to you. I do know that “getting lost in the manuscript thing” although I tend to set lower targets of around one thousand words a day. I think it helps you keep closer to the world you are creating, but real life, as we know, can get in the way of the best laid plans. I hope you have a lovely and succesful 2015

  • Marcus Case says:

    Is taking time off terrible? Absolutely not. I’ve just done that and I’m still outlining!

  • Happy New Year Damyanti and birthday wish to the blog. I dozed off around midnight on New Year to evade fire crackers which I hate…lolz
    It’s okay to cut the self off from time-to-time. I often do that:)

  • atempleton says:

    No need to apologize. We all need a break now and then.

  • Jemima Pett says:

    Great idea to hibernate. I should copy you and get these things done, written, and edited!
    Happy new year, dear Damyanti 🙂

  • Birgit says:

    If you need to take a break then take it-you have earned it and we will still be here to enjoy and welcome you back. I plan to post more especially on my cards but we shall see how that goes. Enjoy the days when you can hibernate

  • kaistrandauthor says:

    When I wanted to take a break from blogging, but not lose all my readers, I re-posted some of my more popular blog posts. I scheduled them ahead of time, so all I had to do was drop in once a day to respond to comments. Good luck with the ms!

  • Julia Lund says:

    I took a blogging vacation for a few weeks during November and December; like you, I was editing a manuscript. I’m now back, but have set myself some boundaries in order to keep my writing at the top of my priority list. Well, that’s the plan …

  • I’ve thought about hibernating, but never done it, but then my blog is only a couple of years old. I have started to keep the mornings for writing only and got back to my non-fiction book, so now my publishing, my house (cleaning, cooking, shopping, DIY), my garden and my blogging all have to fit into the afternoon and evening… meditating for 20 minutes a day helps.

  • Hibernation is necessary… but for a specific period of time.
    Happy blogoversary… 7 years… a great milestone, Damyanti. 😀
    The word sprints sound interesting – awesome way to get writing done.

  • James Pailly says:

    I feel like it’s harder to do anything in winter. It’s cold out, and I don’t want to get out of bed. So I get a late start writing. The sun went down early, and it’s really dark out, so I don’t want to stay up late writing. The solution is probably to move to the Caribbean.

  • hesterjones says:

    Reblogged this on WORDWISE and commented:
    Inspiring blog of a writer on the subject of hibernation….

  • hesterjones says:

    Hibernation is a great idea! But just for a temporary period… meditation as a form of writing is also wonderful too and Happy New Year!

  • R J Madigan says:

    Great blog, I really enjoy reading your posts.

  • busy lady says:

    Everyone comes to a point where they need to hibernate because our attention is needed somewhere else at times. Welcome back!

  • Lindsay Ann says:

    Very good idea to take a hiatus! I’m in the earlier stages of blogging and PR, so I’m still fleshing out what I want things to look like and what works for me. Even when you have everything “figured out”, though, it’s still important to take the occasional step back and re-examine things. Happy 7 years!

  • michaelnjohns says:

    If I were in charge, I might do the same. I’m only awake after midnight because I like a show on Netflix. When I was a younger man I’d stay up and watch the Late Late Show, but I found myself falling asleep right after the monologue, or before it started. If you’ve set it as your goal, get the manuscript done! There’s time for fluff like blogging and taking calls later. You have your priorities in the right place if you are allowed to do it that way and that’s what you want to do. My goal was to finish a novel in 2014, I didn’t make it. When I had time to escape to the realm of my inner writer, I blogged just to keep writing because there wasn’t time or inspiration to do the novel. But my hope for 2015 is to finish in spite of all of life’s distractions, requirements and urgencies. Good luck and good writing!

  • jr cline says:

    I want to hibernate each winter. It has nothing to do with taking a break or getting something done. I dont like the cold. I never do hibernate. I keep on going.

  • Marc Kuhn says:

    Well, you gave me lots to think about. First of all, congrats on 7 years of blogging…I’m into it just a little over 2, so I can imagine what an accomplishment 7 must be. Next, my house was once quiet and peopleless for hours each day—perfect for writing, taking mini-hibernations and making endless trips to the fridge and Keurig without comment being made by others. I got a lot done. Then my wife retired and now she’s home all day. Plus, I now have a grown son and his teen daughter living with us. The precious solitude is gone. I cannot concentrate like before. So, to answer your query, I think I would love to hibernate for about two months…under the steps won’t do like it did when I was a kid. Nope, I’m talkin’ Paris. Never been there, want to, but can’t afford it. So it’s sit in my little room with Taylor Swift, One Direction, Ed Sheeran and The Price is Right seeping in through the walls. Wish me luck.

  • larosesemsem says:

    I have only “hibernated” once and that was when my father passed away. You might think that it’s not the same thing but hey, look at it this this way: I needed time to grieve and you need time to write. Whichever the reason may be, when you need to take a time out, you just have to do it.
    Dedicating one’s self to writing is good, no doubt about that. That said, be careful not to focus too much on said writing. You’ll become tired of it, and it’ll grow into a chore instead of being a passion.

    & happy new year to you too ^^

  • Go for hibernating, but do come out to see the rest of us once in a while. 🙂 I think a good writer with a strong following shouldn’t fear being away for a while. It’ll make us all the more eager to welcome you back when you return.

    I hope the MS comes together, quickly and effectively.

  • simonfalk28 says:

    Oh don’t feel bad about hibernating at this time of the year. I do too. We all need a bit of a break. Yes, I tend to withdraw from things. That said, if your candid post was a little peep from the hibernation hole, your followers are glad you made the peep! Happy writing. 🙂

  • Happy blog birthday! And good luck with the sprinting!

  • rozaliadame says:

    Congrats on reaching 7 years!
    And don’t worry about all you need to do, you’ll make it! We’re all here cheering you on and wishing you all the luck in the world!

  • The 7th b-day is impressive, cool!! This year I’ll be pushing to get some individual things done and have to say Sorry, But to some requests and book parties. I’ll still be there for others as I have, but less. If they love you, they will understand & other bloggers can come to the forefront. When your inner core speaks up and the time is right, it’s time to listen – and do what must be done. The best of luck.

  • Arlee Bird says:

    We all need some rest now and then unless we’re superhuman or something like that. I’ve done a bit of hibernating over the past couple of months and it felt like the right thing to do.


  • Congrats on your Blogiversary! I don’t think it’s bad at all to take a break. We all need them, particularly when a MS is on the line. Plus, sometimes you just need focus, rest, or both and if something needs to suffer, it should be your blog or social media presence. The fans waiting on your next book will understand.

  • sonsothunder says:

    Keep burning the midnight oils … God Speed to ya…

  • I think taking a break is good. Good for your health and good for you to reflect. I hibernated in the last two weeks of December from my blog so that I could take the time to enjoy the holidays. I did a seasonal post, let my readers know I’d be away and told them when I’d be back. You can always re-blog material, schedule posts or take a much-needed break 🙂

  • I’m currently on blog hibernation myself so i say go for it and finish off your MS. Think of it as a little blogiversary present to yourself, after all 7 years of blogging is quite monumental.. Happy new year lovie, congratulations on this milestone and good luck with your MS!

  • cmwriter says:

    Sometimes this need to hibernate or disappear for a bit is because it’s time to take care of you!

  • Many many bloggers do exactly that, Damyanti. No worries. I just took two weeks off and I think the rest of the blogosphere did too because my numbers were about a quarter of the norm.

    Having said that, nice to hear from you. Glad to know what’s keeping you busy.

  • Congratulations on seven years of blogging! That’s incredible!

  • You’re not the type of person one will easily forget, and I always look forward to reading your posts. Like you, I’ve been absent from blogging, and you’ve posed questions that are also concerns of mine. I feel guilty for been away and not visiting other sites, but it could not be helped. I like your determination to finish your MS, and find it motivating for me to complete my MS and a few stories. Dusting them off tomorrow, uh..this week? 🙂 Have a blessed New Year!

  • eclecticalli says:

    Prioritize! If what needs your attention right now is your MS, then you should put your attention there!

  • Damy, we’d never forget you exist!
    I hibernated a bit over the Christmas holidays and it felt good. Sometimes we need that.
    Happy seven years!

  • Dan Antion says:

    Happy 7th anniversary. You can hibernate as necessary, don’t worry about crickets, we’ll be here when you wake. In my day job, I have often had to find ways to concentrate on particular projects at the expense of others. Usually, it’s a systems development project requiring attention (a form of writing, but not really). No apologies necessary.

  • jaredfeh says:

    I took a long hibernation recently. Not fully by choice, but life, work and being a newlywed got in the way. I just started blogging again a week and a half ago and I feel more focused and devoted to writing than i ever have. A hibernation can be a great thing.

  • mlbradford says:

    Everyone needs to RECHARGE some time. For th last 2 yrs, I have made Dec a Blog-free month, (to catch up on other projects, finish off odds-n-ends before year’s end.)
    Did the break do me good?
    Happy New Year, Damyanti!

  • I feel it is perfectly okay to hibernate every once in a while. Listen to your body and instincts. We will be here when you are ready to come back. Good luck with the manuscript.

  • samokan says:

    When I take a long hiatus with my blog, it mostly cause I’m busy with my so-called life. If you need to hibernate to concentrate on something, DO IT and then come back in full force 🙂 Good luck on your MS.

  • I call it “the zone.” It usually happens during first drafts when complete immersion is key to cranking out the prose. I give friends and family about thirty days notice and then become an unresponsive zombie for as long as it takes. Enjoy your creative hibernation! No apologies necessary.

  • NeuronTree says:

    I’m a huge fan of hibernating. I sleep more, I go out less and then begin to bloom when spring arrives. I find it most beneficial to my sanity to live by the seasons.

  • The problem with blogging is that it’s fun, it puts us in contact with awesome people, feeds our creativity, hones our writing skills, and keeps us from working on our manuscripts. I find it normal and necessary to put blogging aside so as to concentrate on our raison-d’etre of blogging.
    Now, stop reading these comments and get back to your manuscript! 🙂

  • macjam47 says:

    Writing comes first. We will be here when you are ready to come back. Wishing you all the best with your writing. Yes, your MS is important – very important! Happy Blogeversary! Seven years – now that’s impressive! Sending hugs and love.

  • I’ve taken blogging breaks before. Sometimes you just have to. Usually, I leave a little post that says I’ll be on a break and for how long. That way new visitors will know it’s not a stagnant blog and I’ll be posting again.

    Happy Blog Birthday!

  • Like meditation – I like that

  • trentpmcd says:

    Happy 7th blogaversay! and good luck “incubating” your MS.

  • davidprosser says:

    Good for you. If hibernation is what you need then take it. I hope you achieve all you want to. I wish I had your courage to be able to do this. Just be sure to come back.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  • Happy blogiversary!

  • You don’t write to support your blogging, you blog to support your writing. Gotta have those priorities straight – writing needs to come first. My blog is most neglected when I’m writing most… and it shows (in followers, etc.), but I’m ok with that. I’ll work more on cultivating my blog (which takes an insane amount of time away from my writing) when my writing allows it, not the other way around.

    Keep at it, and good luck! 🙂

  • Melanie says:

    The truth is, you should do what you need to do to stay focused and positive even if it involves taking a little time away from the blog. Just let your followers know that this is what you are doing and just check in when you have the desire to do so or have something you want to share with us until you have finished your MS. It will help to ease some pressure or stress and allow you to focus more on the task at hand.

    Best of luck on the MS and congratulations on 7 years of blogging!

  • Happy New Year. Yes the pressure of responsibilities in one area of activity or another does limit time spent on the internet. There was a time when I blogged daily but that was on Yahoo 360 when blogging was a new and exciting thing. However I now have multiple interests and can only get to Facebook once a week and that about sums it up for WordPress too. Writing is important. Once an idea forms you just have to follow it through to a conclusion and that’s what you are doing now. I would not call it hibernation but rather the release of your creativity. We will all be here when you come back so follow your current dream and bring it to a successful conclusion.

  • Last year was pretty much me hibernating all year to get my tax qualification done (I know). So very little writing, except for NaNoWriMo and my blog seriously suffered. Now I am using all that study time to finish off this year’s NaNoWriMo projet and getting back into blogging and I’m loving it.

  • kcg1974 says:

    Awesome. Best of luck to you!

  • misfit120 says:

    Well, I began to have thoughts of writing yet another useless book so instead of blogging every day as I did for 5 years, I’m only writing when I get an inspiration. Therefore I am also able to do some research on my book idea. Call it “blog hibernating.”

  • C.M. Skiera says:

    Happy blog B-day! Congratulations on 7 years–that’s a nice long run.

    It’s a good time of year to hibernate, that’s for sure. I can see the temptation with your MS looming. But it is probably a good idea to poke your head out once in a while, just to be safe,

    And don’t worry, you’ll never be an asshat, Damyanti! 😉

  • yeoldefoole says:

    Get that MS done! Do whatever it takes to complete it AND hang on to your sanity (you’ll want it later).

    When I need to hibernate I warn my lived ones so they won’t think they’re being sbandoned, then cut engagement with the world down to the minimum possible. And then be lavish with the self care….

  • ALEXISTAN says:

    Likely, you need not to hibernate, but to travel a bit.

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