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N for Nothing Could Stop Me: #atozchallenge fiction

 This intriguing photo was left me by Lauren S. and I decided to combine it with a story starter (below at the beginning of the story in bold) from Siv Maria. I went completely with my gut on this one, don’t know why I chose one to go with the other, but here is the result:

Nothing could stop me.
I had her where I wanted her, in my car, wide-eyed and breathless, eager to listen.
I had a gun cocked to her head, but that’s just detail. 
Point was she had agreed I was good, I was handsome, and despite her running mascara, and the faint stench of her sweat, I found her believable. Her eyes spoke of love, as they must. I wasn’t a down and out blagger any more, lonely for company.
I looked at the cap she had worn against the cold, I ran my finger on the shaking red lips, and her black jacket that shone in the light that came in from the car window. When I tugged at the coiled silver necklace about her throat, the tears on her face shone too.
 I did not know then about her left boot, and my dirty old sock in the subway of all places, where they fell out my bag as I ran a few errands around town, not wanting to take her along in the car boot all wrapped up in the trash bag. 
Her boot would be submitted to the police by some batshit Blahnik fan convinced the owner would offer a reward. They would recognize her as the owner, and the socks would lead them to me.

But at that moment, when her eyes still lived, when her soft, halting voice gave me the answers I wanted in the parking lot I had picked her from, I was handsome, I was good, and nothing could have stopped me.

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Damyanti Biswas

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