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Dear #WritingCommunity , Do You NanoWrimo? #IWSG

Are you a  writer doing Nanowrimo? If yes, tell us about your project. If not, why not? Would like to hear from you in the comments!

I’m late for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group (IWSG) Post, but that’s how I roll these days, guys.

The editing of THE BLUE BAR sequel is taking it all out of me–but it should be done by this weekend, and then I’m free to do what I like. I wish. There are more things on the anvil, more editing and more outlining to do so I’m afraid the grind will continue after a short break.

The IWSG question this month is: This month’s IWSG November is National Novel Writing Month. Have you ever participated? If not, why not?

I’ve done the Nanowrimo more than once, and not always with drafting a novel. Some years, it’s been editing. I have a nearly-done draft sitting in my writing folders, which might do with an overhaul or two. There’s a certain joy in writing in a group, and even though my groups have been mostly virtual, I’ve enjoyed doing the writing sprints. The organizers are usually enthusiastic and kind: there are writing prompts, encouraging words, and excel sheets with formulas to egg the old word count along.

I had grand plans of writing a new draft this November but a few gigantic plot issues in my WIP have put paid to that–I’m rushing through edits instead. The entire energy of Nanowrimo can be supportive or overwhelming depending on what sort of writer you are, and what headspace you’re in.

For those at the beginning of the journey, it is a wonderful way to get words down, and find community. For those writing professionally, it can be a handy way to get a manuscript down!

I know I might do a mini-nano in December when there’s a lull in the publishing world.

In other news, it seems like the Starred Review from Publisher’s Weekly is indeed a magical thing for libraries: I’ve been suggesting the title to a few libraries when I’m too exhausted to edit at the end of the day. The mention of the Starred Review is quite helpful–I’ve had about 8 libraries order THE BLUE BAR, and some have told me that the bigger libraries and consortiums will order it simply because of this review.

All told, though, if you’re a fellow writer or reader in the USA, I’d beg a favor:

Please put in a library request for THE BLUE BAR. It really helps a book find its feet, especially a US debut bipoc like me.

It can be done online for most libraries. All you have to do is google your library name and the phrase, ‘Suggest a Title’, together.

They’ll ask for the book details, which I’m pasting up in a handy list here:



ISBN: ‎ 1662503911

Publisher : Thomas & Mercer

Date of publication: 1 January, 2023

Formats: Paperback, ebook, audio

Thanks everyone, and if you’re doing the nanowrimo, here’s sending you the best writing vibes and the ability to pen down more than 1,600 words a day!

What about you? Are you a  writer doing Nanowrimo? If yes, tell us about your project. If not, why not? Are you a part of the Insecure Writer’s Group? Would like to hear from you in the comments!

This is the first Wednesday of the month post for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group.
Founded by the Ninja writing female charactersCap’n Alex J. Cavanaugh, the purpose of the group is to offer a safe space where writers can share their fears and insecurities without being judged. This is a wonderful group–if you aren’t a part of it, I urge you to join in!
The awesome co-hosts for this November posting of the IWSG are Diedre Knight, Douglas Thomas Greening, Nick Wilford, and Diane Burton!  Go give them a follow and drop them a comment.

My own crime novel, The Blue Bar will be out soon with Thomas & Mercer. It is already available for preorders. Add it to Goodreads or pre-order it to make my day. You can also recommend it to the local library to boost its chances of being found by new readers.
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