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My literary crime novel, The Blue Bar is on Kindle Unlimited now. Add it to Goodreads or snag a copy to make my day. The sequel, The Blue Monsoon is up for pre-orders! And if you'd like to read a book outside the series, you can check out You Beneath Your Skin. All info about my books on my Amazon page or Linktree.

YOU BENEATH YOUR SKIN : optioned for screen by Endemol shine

In dark, smoggy Delhi, a police commissioner and a psychologist in a complicated relationship must work together to find a serial killer before it is too late.

THE BLUE BAR : 1st January 2023 via Thomas & Mercer

In gritty, glam Mumbai, a police inspector and a bar dancer in love are unaware that the same predator is watching them both.

THE BLUE MONSOON : 24th October 2023 via Thomas & Mercer

To save his pregnant wife, a police inspector must solve murders, and castrations of men in tantric rituals, while braving Mumbai’s monsoons.

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1.Picasso Dreams Shortlisted and commended by the judge at the Bath Flash Fiction Awards.

2. “Bear with me” published at Bluestem Magazine run by the Eastern Illinois University.

3. “Of Durians and Vipers” published at the Griffith Review New Asia Now Vol 2, Queensland, Australia.

4. “Thorax of a Blowfly published in, a magazine run by the New York Writers Workshop, nominated for Best of Net.

5. “I’m Beautiful” published at the Lunch Ticket, run by the Antioch University, Los Angeles.

6.  “Evening out the Odds” published in Earthen Lamp Journal, India.

7. “A Spicy Chica” published at The Aerogram, San Francisco.

8.  “Talking about Rape” published at When Women Waken, USA.

  1. A Toy Story” published at Flash Frontier, New Zealand.
  2. Putting One Foot in front of Another” published at Roar Magazine, USA

11. “Goodbye” in the Tiny Moments anthology, published by Pringmill Media.

12.  Nemin” at Atticus Review, Madison, New Jersey.

13.  In the Fox’s Parlour by Jet Fuel Review, Illinois, nominated for Best of the Web and the Pushcart Prize.

  1. For All the Men Who Slept with Her and Adventures of the Moving Lump at Thin Air Web Features.
  2. The Wedding Day”  at the Cha Literary Journal Hong Kong.

  3. The Right Thing to Do” at the Papercuts magazine, USA.

  4. Infanticide” at the “Blue Fifth Review,” New Zealand.

  5. Almost there, and back again at Litro, UK.

  6. Old Bishnu’s Feet at Storyscape journal, USA.

20. My Chessmen Wear Red at Five on the Fifth, USA.

  1. Cirque de Taudis, New Delhi at Strands magazine, India.
  2. On Worshipping Lady B, Ellipsis Zine, USA.

  3. Afterwards, Only the Sea, MacQueen’s Quinterly, USA.

  4. I Don’t Want him to Smell, Spittoon Monthly, China

  5. Their Time is up, Punch magazine, India.

  6. Cotton, Grass, Rain at Jaggery Lit, USA.

  7. Soft Things, Hard things at Splonk, Ireland

  8. We Must Fly at Visual Verse, Berlin.

  9. Tripta’s Recipe: Fish Cooked in Mustard Sauce at Smokelong Quarterly.

  10. There is Hope at Puerto del Sol


  1. Fire, Extinguished, published in the anthology, Extinguished & Extinct, by Twelve Winters Press, USA, nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

  2. “I’ll Be Your Father” published in The Outrider Review, USA.

  3. The Only Truth” published at The First Line, USA

  4. Peeping Toe” , first published in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, then anthologised in Love and Lust in Singapore, by Monsoon Books, and also published at Birkbeck Writer’s Hub, UK.

  5. “Maya Niwas”, anthologised in A Rainbow Feast: New Asian Short Stories, by Marshall and Cavendish, Malaysia.

6. “Finding Zen at Tasik Kenyir” anthologised in Sini Sana : Travels in Malaysia by MPH Malaysia.

A Subtle Degree of Restraint

  1. “A Boy has Drowned” published in the anthology, “A Subtle Degree of Restraint” by MPH, Malaysia.
  2. “No One Can See Me” in the anthology, The Best Asian Crime Stories 2020

  3. “An Orchestrated Ending” published in the anthology Readings for Readings 2 by Bernice Chauly and Sharon Bakar, and in KL Noir: Blue, Buku Fixi, Malaysia.

KL Noir Blue10. “November Rain” published in the anthology Crime Scene Asia Vol1 by Monsoon Books, Singapore.

  1. “The Make up Man,”  in the anthology Twenty-Two New Asian Short stories published by Silverfish Books, Malaysia.

12.“Bad Decision” in the anthology Singapore Love Stories by Monsoon Books

13. “Silencing the Brick” at Ambit, UK.

  1. Bittergourd, in Pembroke Magazine, University of North Carolina, Issue 53.
  2. Fat Mother in the Bouchercon 2021 Anthology, New Orleans, This Time for Sure.


Bouchercon Anthology