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Do You Wait Till Things Get #Interesting ?

In my writing and in life, I’ve often found that I have to keep going even when (especially when) I reach a breaking point. Be it writing, swimming, household chores, hiking, research– the best part is after you climb that one seemingly insurmountable hill– the other side’s where that gorgeous sunrise is at, or that wonderful dizzy feeling of making your 10th lap (I learned swimming two years ago, so), or that shiny house or that nugget of information. In writing, especially, every time I’ve pushed harder to a more painful place, or to a higher word count, I have found something worth keeping.

WHO are these people?

Every morning or afternoon or evening, I do a session of prompt-based free writing. And often in those, people emerge, people I’ve never met, like fragments of a strange dream. I save up all these doodles, and once in a while, I glance through them. I meet new people each time people I’d forgotten about.…